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New Moon in Gemini 4/5th June 2016

'Luna' Edward Burn Jones

‘Luna’ Edward Burn Jones


Food for thought

The life we create is strongly affected by our thought process. The New Moon in Gemini is an auspicious time to be more conscious of our thoughts and beliefs. Are we controlled by negative, repetitive, nagging, undermining thought patterns?

This is a fantastic opportunity to RESET our thought process.

Mercury which is the ruler of Gemini is associated with perception and our thinking process. It is the planet of communications. (In ancient mythology he is the messenger of the gods) All this is being challenged by strong forces, some of which are beyond our control.

Hermes/ Mercury Ancient Greek vase

Hermes/ Mercury
Ancient Greek vase




This is represented by a complex pattern in the sky that is framing this new Moon, it’s called a Grand Cross. It is made up of 4 or more planets all squaring (90 degrees) each other, literally creating a cross. It can feel like energies and urges pulling us in different directions. It signifies obstacles, resistance and hindrances, but also dynamic and insistent force for transformation that need to be used. This fosters an extraordinary ability to be self reliant yet also be co- operative with others.

This Grand Cross is in mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. Mutable represents a quality of flexibility, a capacity for richness of experience in adapting to circumstances. The challenge is not to spread ourselves too wide, or take on too much.

Self expressive or Self repressive?

Sun, Moon and Venus are in Gemini, Saturn in Sagittarius is opposite. Neptune is in Pisces and Jupiter is in Virgo. We may be feeling overwhelmed by different circumstances in our lives clashing. There is an urge to communicate, yet we may have to deal with our (or somebody else’s) inhibitions, judgements, prejudice. Be careful how you express yourself, there can be misunderstandings and confusion.

This is a chance to look at some of our core values, what we take for granted. We are being challenged poked and cajoled  into examining our thought processes.

Picture 3_2_3




The issues described have been around since mid April 2016, now we are given this opportunity with the new Moon to grasp it and shift. Saturn square Neptune bring up trust issues, with other people, ourselves and with life in general. Do we trust ourselves? Do we trust life? Are we too defended, or too trusting and gullible? Can we be open to life and others, yet have discrimination and strong boundaries? These are good questions to be asking now.

On another level, the Neptune/Saturn combo is a major reality check, highlighting the gap between our ideals and our everyday reality (what we think we can and cannot do). Can we dream big and have the discipline and fortitude to follow them? What beliefs are blocking our progress? This theme has been around nagging us since Nov 2015, and won’t be over till September 2016. If we don’t address these issues  we may feel anxious, disillusion with life or turn to substances to escape.

So with all that and more going on, this new Moon is a fabulous chance to shift things.
New Moon is a fresh start, time to set new intentions. This is a wonderful opportunity for new beginnings. We are being sparked up! Gemini is a fabulous sign, let’s have a closer look.



Gemini qualities: clever, curious, enthusiastic, playful, stimulating, love of learning, loves communicating and sharing ideas, adaptable, flexible, connecting people and ideas.

So let’s harness all these wonderful qualities to spring clean our minds! Let’s set the intention to choose our thoughts. To be responsible (Saturn) for the chatter that goes on in our mind. Let’s challenge (Jupiter) ourselves to dream BIG BEAUTIFUL thoughts (Neptune + Venus)!!

Happy Gemini New Moon to all!


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