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Great time to Nurture and Nourish!

New Moon in Cancer July 4th 2016

'Mermaid with offspring' Edward Burn Jones ~ wikimedia commons

‘Mermaid with offspring’
Edward Burn Jones ~ wikimedia commons


New moon in Cancer, the sign that yearns for family, roots and personal intimate connections. It is ruled by the Moon, so security and comfort are the focus. The Moon is a symbol for the Primal Mother archetype. It may be an emotional time now, it’s not a good time to repress or ignore our feelings.

This is an opportunity to become more aware of what feelings we have not express and why we haven’t done so. With the clarity this process brings, we can release any clogged up emotions.
Cancer at it’s best is warm, gentle, nurturing and loving. It is the antithesis of needless and wantless, which is a survival mechanism when we are feeling vulnerable. Our world can be a tough place, we are taught to be ‘strong’, and told that feelings are weak. So we toughen up and ignore our basic needs. Cancer New Moon is a wonderful gift to reverse all that and embrace our feeling nature. Our self- care is improved, aids our awareness of other’s needs, and fosters inter- dependence.



Other Cancer qualities

# longing for home and a sense of belonging
# our sense of security and intimate connection
# our feelings for family and roots and loyalty to them
# the ebb and flow of life
# the giving and receiving of nourishment






The Moon represents The Great Mother, the personal mother, the womb, the ocean, water… where all life starts. It is our INSTINCTIVE emotional nature, our needs and the relationship to our bodies.

Planetary aspects to the New Moon

Today’s New Moon is strongly aspected. Both Venus and Mercury are close by (conjunction) helping us to communicate how we feel in a more loving way. Jupiter makes a sextile which is an easy flowing aspect. Encouraging us to be generous and open. Neptune is trine (180 degrees) adding empathy and sensitivity to the mix.


Pluto is opposite, this adds intensity and drama! Secrets may be revealed, or we may be confronted with some painful hard truths. Some of these revelations could be our disowned feelings. Maybe we disowned them or projected them on others. It’s time to reclaim and feel them.

'Nimue' Edward Burn Jones wikimedia commons

‘Nimue’ Edward Burn Jones
wikimedia commons


Tremendous transformations are possible now, especially after all the challenges we have experienced this year. But before transformation, there must be a death. It’s important to feel our pain and despair, personally and collectively. We can become more conscious of our self destructive behaviours. Pluto stands for the purging and eliminative processes. Time to dispose of toxic, self-defeating emotional behaviours. Don’t retreat or hide from the intensity all this can bring up. Take advantage of the process, this can be a profound and productive time in our evolution.



In assimilating the best qualities of this Cancer Full Moon, we can commit to being more loving, nurturing and supportive to ourselves and others.

Happy Cancer New Moon!

William Morris wikimedia commons

William Morris
wikimedia commons



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