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Aquarian Full Moon encouraging innovation and original expression

 Full Moon in Aquarius 18th Aug 2016



Aquarius Full Moon is encouraging us to be innovative and and authentic. This sign associated with original thinking, rebellion, and is very idealistic. It is known for it’s unconventional style, is community minded, future oriented and likes to find solutions to social problems.

Full Moons can be experienced as a peak in the lunar energy cycles, often our best learning can come through encounters with other people. It can be a high energy time. Like with all full Moons we need to balance the two opposing/ complimentary signs involved. Leo represents a strong sense of self, it is very self focused. Aquarius is associated with working in a group, or a team towards a greater good.

DSC_0204Leo /Aquarius Axis  Larger-than-life/ need-to-be-important Leo is ruled by the Sun and is associated with the heart. Here are some of the qualities associated with Leo: playful, joyful, generosity of spirit, domineering, enthusiastic unapologetically proud, courageous, wilful, flamboyant, pompous and commanding. They love to be in the limelight, have their egos boosted and are very pleasure oriented. They are concerned with self evolution.

Eccentric/altruistic Aquarius has two rulers, Saturn and Uranus. It is associated with the circulatory system, ankles, achilles heel and shins. Qualities associated with Aquarius are: humanitarian, independent, progressive, individualistic, idealist, aloof, opinionated, egalitarian, innovative, visionary, emotionally cool, and wilful. They often work in grass roots organisations and are technologically minded. They are concerned with the evolution of the collective.












Where does 25 degrees Aquarius fall in your chart? That is the area of life that is being recharged by the full Moon this month.

Technically this is not an eclipse, so it will not generate the intensity that eclipses usually do.
A famous saying associated with Aquarians is that they march to the beat of their own drum. Meaning that they ofter create their own path in life rather than follow the ‘beaten path’.
So here’s to our path and composing our own beat that somehow synchronises with others around. Full Aquarian Moon Blessings to all!


Screen Shot 2014-01-19 at 11.00.43 PM



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