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 Solar Eclipse at 9 degrees Virgo
1st Sept 2016

Burne Jones + William Morris Adoration of the Magi (detail of tapestry)

Burne Jones + William Morris
Adoration of the Magi (detail of tapestry)


Solar eclipses always occur at the new Moon. The Moon passes in between the Earth and the Sun. In the process it blocks out the light emanating from the sun. This is not a total eclipse, it is called annular, a ring of fire will be visible. This eclipse will be seen from parts of Africa, South Asia and West Australia.

Virgo New Moon is an opportunity to focus on all things associated with Virgo. Such as our communication and understanding, our relationship to our body and health. Purifying our bodies is a very Virgo process.

The Virgo/Pisces axis represent
# the mind, body,, spirit and how they work together
# being of service to others
# integrating dreams and ideals with practical processes to achieve balance
# having faith in life and being practical and productive



New Moon are associated with the ending of a cycle and the beginning of another. Now is the time to reset our intentions. All the possibilities are there with the new Moon. The eclipse propels it to a more intense level. It can be felt as a major shake up from the cosmos, helping us to shift what has been stuck in our lives. This can be felt as a rude awakening, especially if it aspects our natal Sun or Moon.

It’s often said that eclipses are Uranian in nature, meaning that they can reveal surprising unexpected aspects of our lives. Also that things can occur very suddenly around eclipse time.

Annular Solar Eclipse

Annular Solar Eclipse


Even though we get to reset our intentions,  the theme that has haunted us all year is still around. Saturn and Neptune have been square (90 degrees apart) since end of November 2015. We have experienced this as anxiety, disillusion, insecurity, confusion, fear and a lot of worry. All this is intensified by the eclipse, pushing us to really find out what is going on beneath all the stress and challenges.

Saturn and Neptune represent two different realities. Saturn represents physical reality, structure, definition, worldly achievements, boundaries, limits, discipline and control. Neptune stands for other realms beyond the physical. As well as our dreams, visions, ideals, compassion, intuition, our urge to transcend the everyday reality and feel the mysteries.

Both these archetypal energies are important parts of our psyche. We need to be productive and achieve our goals in the world to feel a sense of satisfaction. But in our creations we also need to incorporate our gifts, ideals, inspirations and dreams to feel a connection to our soul desires.

Elena Gorokhova Fire bird feather

Elena Gorokhova
Fire bird feather


This time is an important turning point. We have lived through very intense times, especially since 2012. The extraordinary pattern in the sky includes Neptune opposite the new Moon, Saturn and Mars squaring and Pluto trine (120 degrees). It’s time to incorporate much of what we have learnt.

We need to be part of the solution, participating in the healing for ourselves and for this planet. Even though the problems appear to be overwhelming, we need to believe it’s possible. Society’s hypocrisies have been revealed in recent years. It all feels very unstable, but what we thought of as stable was based on illusions. It is time for us to know, so we can create new realities, new paradigms.

What values do we want to consolidate in our lives? This is a great time to think about it as Mercury, the new Moon ruler is retrograde in Virgo. It’s pointing us inwards. So time to review, reassess, reflect, and rework our beliefs, goals, processes, and our health.

Burne Jones

Burne Jones

Mercury is conjunct Jupiter which will provide a breadth of vision to our reflections. As well as a good dose of faith to see us through. We can channel the energy of all these planets to become spiritual warriors. We need the courage to deal with the mess we find ourselves in collectively (and personally).

One could say redemption is part of the theme now. It is not the time to tune out to do our own thing. It is time to take responsibility (Saturn) for the state of the world. Each of us do what we can from where we are, to bring more compassion and love (Neptune) into the world.
For example we can volunteer, tithe our money or resources, or do care work.

Now is the time to share our talents, insights, experience, and vision and be of service to others.
Happy Virgo Eclipse to all!



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