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Pisces ~ flow with the healing blessings!

Pisces Lunar Eclipse 16th Sept 2016

Marc Chegal "Lovers"

Marc Chegal

This eclipse and all the planets aspecting it, are cajoling us, enticing us, compelling us begging us to participate in this wonderful powerful healing opportunity!

Time to cleanse, meditate and contemplate. Time to perform ceremony/ puja. Time to clear all the ‘gunk’ clogging our physical body, emotional body, etheric body!


Chiron ~ the planet of healing

This is the last eclipse of the year and it’s a cathartic one. Highlighting the most vulnerable, sensitive parts of ourselves, the last few days may have felt like an emotional roller coaster. The full Moon is conjunct (next to) Chiron, the planet associated with wounding and healing.




Healing is a mystery, it does not work in linear fashion. It spirals through different layers. It can’t be controlled. People sometimes dread opening old unresolved wounds, fearing they will get stuck in the pain. So they ignore it, deny it, minimise it, not realising that this swamp is draining their energy. This eclipse compels us to focus on the traumas that cause us so much anguish.


Try diving in, don’t wait till you are pushed. It’s never as intense/traumatic/overwhelming as we think it will be. There is a natural buoyancy in healing. Usually it pushes us back up gracefully with a renewed sense of self. And an increased appreciation for the the sacredness of life.

What I’m describing is a Pisces process. It involves letting go of our beliefs, of our sense of righteousness, and our attachment to how we feel.

Burns Jones a-sea-nymph

Burns Jones a-sea-nymph

Meaning of Pisces and Neptune

Pisces and it’s ruler Neptune work their magic by dissolving all kinds of things. Like patterns of behaviour, outworn conditions in our life and rigid thinking. Whatever is keeping us stuck emotionally. So embracing Pisces means letting go of what needs to pass, forgiving ourselves and others. Releasing, allowing, surrendering, accepting and trusting life.

After all Pisces is the deepest water sign, rich in feeling and compassion. Along with Neptune they are anti – ego, these archetypes represent unity. What connects us all, the transcendent oneness behind it all. They don’t focus on our differences (what separates us). Earthly desires are not important. Material wealth and power don’t count in Neptune’s realm.

The qualities represented are compassion, kindness and being more sensitive to others. Having a more inclusive, expansive perspective. Seeing everyone and everything as connected. Not just seeing but experiencing it, the boundlessness of nature/life. That’s the purpose of spirituality, to get beyond the illusion of separation. This is THE primary Pisces strength!



Everyone’s feelings and suffering is our suffering our feelings, we are all in it together. This is contrary to the values of our cultures in western society. Advertisements promote consumer products promising happiness, consumerism is at a frenzy!
The more unhappy people are the more they buy. Pisces energy knows that the big gapping hole inside can’t be filled with ‘things’. Only a connection with our soul/ the universe/ god/ the boundless nameless energy, whatever you call it can help nourish us and save us. Indigenous cultures have managed to hang on to this wisdom. We travel to their lands to reconnect to our own spirit.






We need to be our own Shaman/High Priestess, engaging with the mysteries. Transmuting our suffering into wisdom through understanding (which only goes so far!) AND acceptance. This is where Neptune and Pisces come in, they are the quintessential energies that embody selfless spiritual love. Looking at life from a soul perspective.



Lunar eclipses represent  a time of completion or culmination in the lunar cycle. It’s a time of endings, they effect our emotions, forcing us to deal with subconscious forces within us.

Eclipses portend a shutting down of an aspect of our lives. They are associated with unpredictable energy as well as beginnings and endings. Think of eclipses as portals to access some of the content of your unconscious. What has been hidden or unwanted gets revealed! It can bring a crisis situation to a head.

Releasing the victim

Ultimately the point is to redeem ourselves from being victim to our own suffering.  (Buddhism states that suffering is caused from our ignorance) Suffering is a messenger, pointing to whatever is not ‘right’ in our lives. We are not meant to invite it to stay, take it on as an identity.

This celestial event is asking us to listen to our ever present wise inner being. It yearns for us to get beyond the demands and tyranny of the ego. We can choose to evolve to accept all people whatever the religious, political, racial or economical differences.

Also on a deeper level we need to accept and acknowledge all the different energies/ complexes/ demons and ‘voices’ in our psyche. Make peace with them, allow their existence. Don’t hate them, or numb them with substances, don’t degrade them or sanitise them! So let go of control, and allow the next evolution of Chiron and Pisces healing to work it’s magic through you.

Happy Pisces Lunar Eclipse to all! Let the healing Piscean waters wash over you!
What a Blessing!

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  1. Love this Pisces eclipse energy! Beautiful Mathilde ❤

  2. Thank you. It’s such a wonderful time for healing, great to share it!


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