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A much needed dose of Libra Love!

Auspicious Libra New Moon
30th Sept/1st Oct 2016

Klimt ~ The Kiss (detail)

Klimt ~ The Kiss (detail)

This Libra new Moon is social, cheerful, expansive and joyful. It’s loaded with good vibrations! This is a welcome change after a year of challenging and stressful aspects. What a great time to start a new relationship or breathe new life into an existing one.

Romance is in the air!

New Moon is full of romance. It is also super charged, being the first new Moon after the eclipse season in September. Venus, the ruler of Libra is the goddess of love and beauty. She’s an advocate for romance, courtship and love. Jupiter is right next to the new Moon and everything Jupiter touches expands!

Libra is a peace loving sign. It appeals to our sense of fairness and justice. Libra promotes co-operation, collaboration, diplomacy, and generally being more thoughtful to others. As an air sign, it is associated with the realm of ideas, ideals, communicating and relating.

Alphonso Mucha

Alphonso Mucha

New Moons represent the end of a cycle and the beginning of another. This is a good time to seed new ideas, write a wish list, and set our intentions. Seeds need darkness before they shoot out and grow, so do our new ideas and wishes. Hence new Moon being the most appropriate time. Make sure your list is about relating to others, bringing in more balance and harmony and other Libran matters.


For some countries this is a black Moon, which is the second new Moon in a calendar month. Because of the time differences, it’s already the 1st when it’s exact. Black Moons occurs about every two and half years. (Blue Moons are the second full Moon in a calendar month).

Aspects to the new Moon

Mars and Pluto make a wide square aspect (90 degrees) adding dynamic and power to the mix. This could manifest as more sex appeal/magnetism emanating, or manipulation/control issues. So watch out! Let’s try and harness this potent power to transform our relationships (and how we ourselves relate). The potential is there for deep intimacy and transformational love.
Saturn makes a sextile (60 degree) aspect which stabilises the energies, keeping things from getting out of control.
Venus the ruler of this new Moon, makes a trine (120 degrees) to Neptune adding a big dose of divine love and taking the whole brew of cosmic energy to another level!

Dante Rossetti ~ Venus

Dante Rossetti ~ Venus

More on Jupiter

A feeling of well being, optimism and abundance are Jupiter’s signature. So in Libra it should help anyone who has given up on relationships. It may also expand our perspective on relationships, or help us see both sides of an issue. Maybe not be as one sided, or caught up on our own agenda.. This also applies to all partnerships, including business ones.

Bigger is better, more is better are two of Jupiter themes. It may liberate us to be more adventurous and daring in relating to others. Enticing us out of our safety zone, encouraging us to take more risks in love.
This time is also a chance to be kinder, more generous and courteous to one another.

On a more collective level, the message is…. What can we do together to make the world a better place? Can we have a fresh new optimistic outlook? The potential is there to co-operate and create more harmony and balance. And isn’t that exactly what we need right now in this divisive, conflicting world Let’s participate and be part of the solution, even if we start by believing it’s possible! These planetary patterns are asking us to DREAM BIG TOGETHER!


Here is a powerful message that fits this new Moon from John Lennon who was a Libran.


A very happy Libra New Moon to all!!!




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