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Venus is the power of attraction!

Venus ~ the art of pleasure and seduction



This time of year we celebrate the Libran people amongst us. Let’s take a closer look at Venus their ruling planet. Venus is also known as Aphrodite, Freya, Ishtar, Astarte, Inanna.

This wonderful archetype represents love and our connectedness with one another. Venus loves romance, is in love with being in love! She also encompasses our sense of beauty and values; and is very social. Ruling over our finances and our creativity as well as all unions, whether they are love or business partnerships.




Skilled in the art of seduction,Venus naturally knows how to pleasure and be pleasured. It’s the ability to indulge the senses.
Pleasure for pleasure’s sake, no excuses or justifications. This can be experienced as taking delight in eroticism. At it’s highest form it’s the ability to take sexuality and sensuality to sacred levels, as in hindu Tantric practices. In other words to experience soul connection through physical union. Or as I once heard …. the urge to merge!

Grace and charm ooze out of Very Venusian people! They can magnetise what they want to them. They get the power of attraction.

She represents the love of beauty and harmony in physical form as well as in ideas. She adds sparkle in our lives, encouraging us to delight in simple pleasures. Walking through a stream of water, enjoying flowers in our garden, noticing the sunset, savouring an intimate moment with someone.

Picture 17


Libra shares it’s ruling planet with Taurus. Because Taurus is an earth sign, Venus is more tactile, sensuous and physically focused here. In airy Libra, she is very peace loving, idealistic, aesthetic, refined, visual and attracted to harmony. There is also a strong sense of justice and fairness.

Venus also represents our values, what do we spend our time and money on? Do we value material possessions? Lifestyle? Status? Power? Do we collect things, resources, experiences or knowledge?
The placement of Venus by sign and house in our birth chart can give us great insight into all this. It can also show us how we draw love into our lives and how we express it.

For example…
Venus in Aries – the thrill of the chase, love as an adventure, happy to be daring
Venus in Taurus – sensuous body love, good food and good wine, comfort and more comfort
Venus in Cancer – nurturing love, sentimental, likes to look after others + be looked after
Venus in Virgo – love as service, wanting to be useful, willing to work on the relationship
Venus in Scorpio – the art of seduction, secret thrills,intensity and obsessions, taboos
Venus in Aquarius – open minded, want to be friends with lovers, independent, freedom loving

Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt

RECEPTIVITY – another principle associated with Venus, it’s the ability to be open to experiences, especially in being loved and adored. To embody Venus, we need to feel a sense of worthiness. But it’s not feeling worthy because we have achieved something, it’s our self worth based on our BEING who we are. At the heart of the matter it’s about our lovability. Venus asks us….Do we feel loveable and worthy to have what we want?? Another aspect of receptivity is vulnerability, when we open ourselves to love we inevitably feel vulnerable. Can we let ourselves feel this and stay open? It’s in this space that we can merge intimately with another. Soul connection can occur.

Venus positive qualities: Natural poise, refinement and social grace, strong sense of fairness/justice, tactful, co-operative, good at negotiating and the art of diplomacy.
Venus negative Qualities: Vain, self centred, superficial, self indulgent, lazy, materialistic, too accommodating, too passive, indecisive.

Ultimately, Venus’s need for harmony, peace and to balance things out, can work in our favour. We can learn to say things in ways that don’t put people off. We can aim to be more co-operative in our relationships (both professional and personal).

Klimt- detail of Fulfillment

Klimt- detail of Fulfilment


So let’s cultivate and celebrate lovability in our selves and in others. When we feel lovable, it’s easier to accept love or compliments or gifts. Just look at any healthy cat, it will let you pat her/him endlessly. They just soak it all up, there’s no doubt about deserving. So let’s honour each other.

May the force be with you!



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