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Dynamic & Daring Aries Super Full Moon!

Dynamic & Daring Super Full Moon in Aries 16th October 2016

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Fiery Full Moon in Aries shaking us up!

This is a challenging and volatile full Moon. After a year of delays, stop/starts, frustrations this dynamic full Moon will be strongly felt and there is potential for a huge cathartic emotional release. We may also be rearing up to take action. The wild energy unleashed will be difficult to control so it will need to be redirected.

Aries is the sign of the warrior. It’s assertive, spontaneous, brave and loves to pull some bold moves. Of course full Moons are always about opposite signs, so let’s not forget Libra. The challenge will be to balance our urge to express ourselves, do what we want and on the other end to be considerate to others.



The Aries/Libra axis is the me/we axis. Restless Aries likes to act now and think of consequences later, especially when it’s fired up while Libra likes to deliberate on decisions, looking at all sides till it’s in paralysis (especially when it’s decisions/actions impact other people).


A super full Moon means that the moon is closer to the Earth, appearing to be larger and brighter. This amplifies the forceful Aries energy.

Uranus and Eris

Adding more spark to all this is Uranus and Eris (dwarf planet) in Aries both next to the Moon. Eris represents fierce female warrior archetype, guaranteed to bring to the surface what has been repressed or hidden. Individualistic Uranus is rebellious, deeply intuitive and freedom loving.

The Moon is our emotional reactions (among other things), so the combo of Uranus & Eris may inflame any conflict we find ourselves in. We may be easily provoked or we may get the urge to be provocative while on the positive side, we can receive flashes of inspiration.

Aries 2



Picture 17Getting innovative original ideas, experiencing breakthroughs and eureka moments are all part of the Uranian magic! This lunation can make energy available for projects/ideas/initiatives that have been in gestation and maybe all that’s needed is a kick start. The cosmos is being obliging!


Mars, the ruler of Aries is in Capricorn, marching towards the planet Pluto (exact 20th Oct). These are strong energies cooking here! Mars in Capricorn wants to take control, get some action and be effective. There’s a lot of will power between these two planets and this combo is very compelling, it will not be ignored. Watch out for power struggles and remember to consider those around you when you’re in ‘all systems go’ mode.

This blockbuster mega energy can help us to achieve big changes; just make sure they benefit others as well.

Knight of Swords ~ Tarot

Knight of Swords ~ Tarot






Remember at full Moon, energies reach their peak so it’s also a time for completion. Any goals or intentions you initiated at the last new Moon in Libra on 30th September may now be completed or at least moved forward surprisingly quickly.





Essentially expect any of the following:
# You will feel like being assertive and not putting up with people obstructing your way so be thoughtful about how you express yourself.
# You may want to be (brutally) honest with others – be as honest with yourself.
# The urge may surface to reassess relationships that are toxic or dysfunctional.
# Get caught up in being arrogant or egotistical.

This is a great time to make bold new initiatives to achieve something that you are passionate about.
There is great courage and daring in the airwaves! Tap into these energies to follow your own path. Expect to be surprised. We have been feeling all this build up for at least a week.
Roll up your sleeves and get ready for a bumpy ride!
Happy Aries full Moon!

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