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          Scorpio New Moon 30th Oct 2016

New Moon is a time when the moon is at it’s darkest. It’s time to go within and be present deeply. Time for a fresh start, it represents new beginnings. So this is a fabulous opportunity to seed your intentions and wishes, especially those to do with anything ruled by Scorpio.

Scorpio is a complex sign, with a strong drive and even stronger desire nature. It’s strength is the ability for transformation. Which is the process of death and re-birth. Scorpios are sensitive and in touch with the nuances and subtleties that go unnoticed by others.

Scorpio nature is not comfortable accepting things as they are. They are always going beyond appearances, digging at what is hidden. They love to push the limits, often not knowing when to stop. It’s the sign most associated with CONTROL + POWER.

Self Mastery is the goal. They can be very passionate, magnetic and irresistible! They have the best bull- shit detector, and won’t let social etiquette stop them from telling you how they feel!

A sailor's delight - 1891 William Holbrook Beard

A sailor’s delight – 1891
William Holbrook Beard


Other Scorpio strengths & challenges: wilful, calculated, dramatic, deliberate, compulsive, obsessive, magnetic, charismatic, determined, persuasive, controlling, attracted to secrets, the occult and mysteries, and are very private.

The archetype of alchemist/shaman capture the best of Scorpio’s essence. We are being spurred to use this sharp power of observation to cut through all the lies we tell ourselves.
Scorpio is ‘ruled’ by Pluto, which is a fierce archetypal energy that works by exposing and stripping us of illusions we may have. This can be painful but enriching and rewarding. It is a powerful guidance system to help us find and experience our authentic self. We are mostly attached to images and beliefs about ourselves that have been influenced by our families, culture, era and gender. Ultimately Pluto helps us to reconnect to our sense of purpose.



Pluto and Scorpio are associated with elimination, so at this new moon, it’s time to release stuck emotional patterns and limiting beliefs.

One aspect to watch out for is the Mars in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries. This has been building up all week and won’t let up till the 31st Oct. It is an erratic and unstable energy, action-driven Mars in a stand off with rebellious Uranus! A wilful combination, that can blow up! Watch out for accidents, don’t take unnecessary risks while driving. Some people may live it out by being reckless and unpredictable. Luckily it doesn’t last too long.

Terror Antiquus L.Bakst 1908

Terror Antiquus
L.Bakst 1908

Mercury is conjunct (next to) the new Moon and Neptune is trine (120 degrees away). This will help us go beyond the ‘facts’ and get some deep insights. All these planets are in water signs highlighting our feelings, helping us to be more sensitive, intuitive and introspective.

The combo of Neptune & Mercury focuses our attention on non- verbal forms of communication. Tuning more sensitively and empathically into others and letting go of the differences.
Mercury represents the way we perceive things and how we process (thoughts) and express them. In Scorpio all these qualities are sharpened, Mercury here is an instinctive animal intelligence.

There is profound learning available now. It can boost any spiritual practice we may have, for example: meditation, contemplation or prayer. It can also be channeled into creative writing or music.

Soulful/tantric sexual union can be another outlet for what’s cooking in the cosmos at this lunation. We can harness the strong desires of Scorpio to transform and enliven our sexuality. The energies at our disposal encourage us to open up and allow more intimacy in our relationships. Spend time sensing and feeling each other. There’s a wealth of knowledge to be gained.

Let me put it in another way. Your mission if you choose to take it, is to dive deep, through your fears. Down to the ‘bowels’ of your unconscious, where we can all find our hidden secrets. The longer they have been suppressed the more power they have over us.

Now is the time to face them, even embrace them. If that’s too much, then just sit respectfully and just be with them. Let the shame out and let go. Shame needs….
We may call on our guides, devas, angels or whatever we pray to. The boundaries between worlds are easier to access now.

We experience a deep strength in this level of vulnerability that is very profound and powerful. It can not be found in shallower waters. There’s nothing superficial about these Scorpio processes. In the search for deeper meaning, what lengths will you go to uncover the truth?

Reconnect to our deepest longing

Scorpio’s desire nature can help us find what we really want from the core of our being. scorpio-symbolThat’s passion, that’s what fires us up. Connecting us to our life purpose. In the process it removes anything superfluous that’s been in the way, like past hurts, regrets and grudges.

Spirituality can be defined as the journey of the power of our spirit. We use Scorpio/ Pluto transformational energy by facing and eliminating what no longer serves us. This way we have more energy available in the present for soul connections with ourselves and others.

May the Scorpio new Moon help reconnect us to what’s sacred and holy. May it help us be more receptive to guidance. There is a lot of magic around. Don’t forget to set your intentions, goals, start a new        project or/and do ceremony. Pay close attention to your dreams, there may be some important  messages from the subconscious. Daydream….. spend time in the world of imagination, you may even  meet your muse!


                                Happy Scorpio New Moon!



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