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Grounding and comforting Taurus full Moon

Super Full Moon in Taurus 14th/15th Nov

Fortuna  Jean Francois Bernard

Jean Francois Bernard


“Quieten down, slow down …… calm down all the Scorpio intensity and drama.”
That’s what this beautiful Taurus full Moon is asking of us. We couldn’t have asked for anything better at this time, the psychic airwaves are excessively full of negativity and fear.

Taurus is a fixed earth sign, it’s qualities are cautious, deliberate, practical, patient, hard working and peace loving. Let’s take advantage of this solid stabilising energy to centre ourselves in our bodies. Plant our feet in the earth, breathe, get out of our chattering mind. It’s time to take pleasure in being in our bodies!

Matisse ~  Dance 1

Matisse ~ Dance 1


This is a super full Moon, meaning it’s the closest to the earth (perigee) so will appear to be 15% larger and 30% brighter. calls it an extreme perigee. This is a rare phenomena, last time it was this close to the earth was in in January 1948. Next time will be in 2034. Full Moon will be at 22 degrees Taurus opposite the Sun in Scorpio.

Exact time is 12.52am 15th Nov – Sydney / 5.52am 14th Nov – Pacific standard time USA



Remember, full Moon is when things come to a peak, it’s a highly charged time ( including the days leading up to it). The focus is on relationships and how we interact with others. As the signs involved are Taurus and Scorpio, we need to balance the qualities they represent.



Taurus focuses on our basic survival needs, physical, material and emotional. It loves it’s comfort zone, and helps us thrive in our bodies. As it is ruled by Venus, sensuality and feeling pleasure through our senses is very important. Scorpio is the truth seeker, it is a sign of extremes, all or nothing; black or white. It’s sensitive, complex, secretive and obsessive. Scorpio has plenty of emotional intelligence but it does need to be balanced by the calming and grounding energies of Taurus.

Moon in Taurus is a good time to consolidate our energies

The Moon is exalted in Taurus, meaning it’s at it’s best in this sign. Taurus brings the best qualities out in the Moon: feelings of warmth, affection, calm and secure. We can take advantage of this to really nurture ourselves and others. There are so many ways to do this. Cooking delicious nourishing food, being in nature, receiving or giving a massage or a hug, gardening and so much more. Simply being aware of our breath focuses us in our body instantly. So let’s do ourselves a favour and appreciate this precious opportunity of being alive in our body and not take it for granted.




More than any other sign Taurus embodies the abundance of nature.



Aspects to the Sun and Moon

The astroid Lilith is conjunct (next to) the Sun, adding more drama and intensity to the Scorpio energy previously mentioned. So it is even more important to cultivate the Taurus calming and grounding qualities. Chiron in Pisces is making a supportive (sextile) aspect to the Moon. Pisces and Taurus are harmonious energies, promoting more compassion and empathy which is much needed at this time.

Venus the ruler of this full Moon is in Capricorn, adding more earthy qualities to the prevailing energies. Capricorn cools down Venus, it’s tones are cautious, conservative and pragmatic. With this combination the emphasis is on ownership. As Capricorn is associated with business, we can improve or develop business partnerships.

Taurus and Scorpio are signs associated with finances. Now is a good time to get our finances in order, so we can feel more secure and safe.

William Morris design   Art and Soul

William Morris design
Art and Soul

What matters to us

Taurus and Scorpio also represent our values. What is it we love and value? Values are about ethics and beliefs, they relate to having integrity and being authentic. Our societies have come to measure value by how much we earn and own. But money is only one way to value things. For example we can value health, lifestyle, creativity, peace, harmony and knowledge.




Are your values acquired through experience and self reflection,
Grdo they need to be updated to suit where you are now in life?

Of course self worth is an integral part of our values. Do we value and honour ourselves? How healthy is our self esteem? Does it depend on external factors or how hard we work? Spending time in nature can restore a healthier connection with ourself.


Full Moons  bring illumination. Look to where 22 degrees Taurus and Scorpio fall in your birth chart. It will indicate where these energies will be played out in your life, where you can get new insights.

Let’s chill out with Taurus, find our comfort zone and appreciate the physical aspects of being alive.
Happy Taurus full Moon!



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