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Outstanding Capricorn New Moon 28th/29th Dec 2016

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Time to EVOLVE!


There is a great combination of planetary energies that can help us transform all that we have been through in 2016. It’s been an intense and challenging year. This is the last new Moon of the year. At this lunation we can profit (a good Capricorn word!) from the opportunities presented.

The intentions we ‘plant’ now will seed at the first full moon of 2017 on 12th January at 22 degrees Cancer.

Sun, Moon and Mercury in Capricorn

Capricorn is a solid practical earth sign. Let’s look at the qualities associated with Capricorn:

tenacious, disciplined, high achieving, responsible, conservative, purposeful, ambitious, controlled,
goal oriented, security minded, status oriented, competitive.

New Moons represent the end of a cycle and the beginning of another. The Moon is not comfortable with “taking care of business” Capricorn. Moon likes to feel and Capricorn is controlling and is uneasy with feelings. Despite that there are a few helpful aspects to the Moon and Sun. Mercury in retrograde motion is 1 degree away also in Capricorn. Neptune and Mars conjunct in Pisces are sextile (60 degrees). imgres

One of the best ways to use this combination is to take responsibility for our mental patterns. We are being encouraged to have more awareness about what we say and think. Is there parts of our thinking that are on default settings? Are we regurgitating the same old stuff? Have we had new insights about how we create misunderstandings or suffering in our lives? Have we scrutinised our beliefs lately?

As always, Mercury retrograde means it’s time for some introspection. Reflecting and reviewing any problems/issues we have so we can gain clarity and new perspective. The cosmos is on our side with this.

Mercury/ Hermes

Mercury/ Hermes

The Mars/Neptune in Pisces influence can guide us to take actions motivated by our ideals. This is a tricky combination, on the positive it’s very creative, with an emphasis on intuition. It’s great for artists and musicians. It can help us on our spiritual path. Processes like meditation and yoga can be greatly enhanced.

It’s important to stay mindful so not to fall into escapist behaviour. Another pitfall to watch out for is being in denial. At it’s worst it can be experienced as unconscious patterns of addiction. Best way to channel this Pisces energy is through our intuition, tuning into our own inner guidance. Allowing the wisdom to come through us.

In combining Capricorn and Pisces, we can allow ourselves to nurture and activate our dreams in a practical manner. Capricorn needs to be productive, Pisces needs to connect to spirit. Setting achievable goals in a planned and structured way is a good way to use Capricorn energy.

This mix of planets present an opportunity to press the refresh button and reset some of our thinking and communicating.

Saturn is the ruler of this new Moon. Saturn helps us to be more accountable for our thoughts and actions. It’s in Sagittarius making harmonious aspects to Uranus, Jupiter and Venus.

Boundaries and Freedom

Saturn in Sagg helps us to align with our truth. Uranus in Aries encourages us to be pioneering and break new grounds in what is possible. The harmonious blending of these two planets allows us to combine the urge for change and stability without conflict. They stand for the old and the new, structure and spontaneity. We can be resourceful and innovative without upsetting the status quo.
This is pretty special!

The Saturn/Venus/Jupiter fusion will help with relationships, both personal and business. It may aid us to make stronger commitments and inject new life in existing ones.

'Luna' Edward Burn Jones

‘Luna’ Edward Burn Jones


Saturn is also making a square (90 degrees) to Chiron. This may be confronting, requiring us to face our vulnerabilities and wounds. The point is not to be victim to our wounds, not to over identify with them. Also not to use them as an excuse for our behaviour, nor deny them. We are not our wounds. We need the gifts that Saturn has, discipline, clarity and definition. This is achieved through a certain level of detachment. Chiron wounds often have a theme of alienation or rejection.

We may not have a choice about our deepest vulnerabilities, but we can choose to relate to them differently. This whole stellar pattern is saying that we can get creative and see them through a different lens! It’s not a comfortable process but it’s highly rewarding. We become more authentic through our vulnerabilities. They are our strength.






Pluto may have some influence as Mercury stationed (the period before it goes retrograde) next to it on the 19th Dec. It may make it’s presence felt by revealing secrets or aiding us with deeper insights into old situations. Transformation and Self mastery are Pluto’s riches (strengths).

Other aspects
Uranus, the great awakener goes direct just hours after the new Moon. This should get things moving forward. You may feel restless or impulsive. If projects/ goals/ideas have been in a holding pattern, they may get the go ahead by either the 8th January when Mercury goes direct. Or by the 28th when Mercury passes the shadow period.

Uranus opposite Jupiter: expect big surprises, opportunities and a need to be more adventurous. Could be felt as coincidences for non believers. Serendipity for those with faith.






Do yourself a favour, don’t avoid the ‘reality’ you find yourself in, especially if you don’t like it. Now is the time to clarify what keeps us stuck.

We have been granted the help to clear up unfinished business and set the tone for 2017. Don’t forget to write your wish list and set some well defined intentions and goals. See it as investing  energy in a new cycle. Time to establish structures that nurture and sustain us, mentally, emotionally and physically.
Time to shed old limiting thoughts and beliefs. Time to release!

After all Saturn is Old Father Time! And Time is on our side!

The Hermit


                                  Happy Capricorn New Moon!

Exact time of Capricorn New Moon:
Sydney 29th Dec 5.53pm
Pacific Standard Time USA 28th Dec 10.53 pm



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