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Aquarius New Moon ~ promise to be true to yourself!

New Moon at 8 degrees Aquarius 27/28th January 2017

Beethoven Frieze (detail) Gustav Klimt

Beethoven Frieze (detail) Gustav Klimt


This is the first New Moon of 2017.

It marks the beginning of a new cycle. A potent time for emotional renewal. Astrologers usually counsel people to set ‘far out’ goals and visions , to think outside the square. And to a certain extent this is applicable. But we have the steadying influence of Saturn in semi-square (45 degrees) keeping a reign on things. So our goals and visions need to be decisive and clarified.

Aquarius ~ constellation

Aquarius ~ constellation

Aquarius is an air sign representing the realm of ideas, concepts, networking, social justice and egalitarianism. It’s idealistic, future oriented, experimental, autonomous and group oriented. Aquarius coaxes us to have integrity and live our ideals. Not to “settle” for things as they are, but to work towards improving our lives as well as the lives of others.  It advocates for developing our shared reality through innovative, original humanitarian efforts, technological and scientific breakthroughs that can benefit humanity.

New Moons are an opportunity for a fresh start, this one is in Aquarius, which is ruled by Uranus and Saturn. Uranus can liberate us through sudden intuitive flashes. It shakes things up, externally and internally. This disruptive, surprising energy can awaken and revitalise us. Saturn promotes stability, structure and clarity.

Both Uranus and Saturn are making a harmonious trine aspect (120 degrees away) to this new Moon providing opportunities to initiate and consolidate our goals. The saturn/Uranus trine lasts for most of 2017 so we have a good chance to balance innovation & change with our obligations and commitments.

Beethoven Frieze (detail) Gustav Klimt

Beethoven Frieze (detail)
Gustav Klimt

Saturn in Sagittarius is squaring Venus & Chiron in Pisces. This places the new Moon at the midpoint of this combination of planets.

Some of us may feel unsupported or unloved. This is a classic response to Saturn/Venus aspects. But on a deeper level it’s a chance to work (Saturn) on our self worth (Venus). We can also use these energies to achieve more stability in our relationships. Maybe even work on balancing our personal needs with the relationship needs.

Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn in Sagg is about taking responsibility to live from our personal truth. To walk the talk! Have we kept true to our principles? Do our principles reflect who we really are? Saturn slows us right down and asks us to be thorough in what we focus on. It holds us accountable for our words and our deeds. This is an opportune time to inspect our beliefs and see if they hold up.

Beethoven frieze (detail) Gustav Klimt

Beethoven frieze (detail) Gustav Klimt

Venus & Chiron in Pisces

Venus and Chiron in Pisces are a tricky emotional brew . We may feel extra sensitive, or find ourselves drowning in our old unresolved hurts. Beware of feeling victimised. It’s important to be kind to ourselves, trust the healing process and stay grounded. Remember, it’s essential not to lose ourselves in the depth of painful feelings. The energy of Saturn is present to contain all this Pisces energy, use it.

Mars soon in Aries

Take heart, even though Mars is in the last degree of Pisces at the time of the new Moon, it shifts into Aries the next day. That’s a major shift of energy. Mars, in it’s ‘home’ sign will encourage us to be more confident and daring. It’s in Aries from the 29th January till the 10th March. Undoubtedly it will be a                                                                   time for action.


Don’t forget to write a wish list for the full Moon. Get together with friends and brainstorm your goals or do a vision board/ collage while listening o a mind expanding lecture!

The ancient Chinese culture see the Aquarius new Moon as an auspicious time. It marks the Chinese New Year. Happy Chinese New Year! Happy Aquarius new Moon!

Exact time of full Moon:
Sydney – 28th Jan 9.37am/ Los Angeles – 27th Jan 4.07pm/ New York – 27th Jan 7.07pm



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