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John William Waterhouse Wikimedia commons

John William Waterhouse
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Venus the Goddess of Love

Venus is exalted in soulful Pisces. Exalted is a term in astrology that means that Pisces (more than any other sign) brings out the best and most essential qualities in Venus.

Venus entered Pisces on the 4th of January, and stays till the 4th of February when she moves into Aries. Then re-enters Pisces on the 4th of April while in retrograde motion. And stays till the 28th April, when she finally leaves Pisces for this year.

So we get an extended period of time to partake of some of the gifts of this awesome fusion.

Venus in Pisces embodies receptivity, devotion and the highest form of unconditional spiritual love.


Venus loves romance, is in love with being in love, especially in Pisces! Looks at life through rose coloured glasses. She is associated with our sense of beauty, harmony, pleasure, sensuality and affection. Our self worth, values and finances also fall under her jurisdiction. We feel her grace everywhere, in a flower, a melody or a touching poem.



Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 5.15.47 PM








“Give me ecstasy, give me naked wonder, o my Creator!
Give birth to the Beloved in me and let this lover die.
Let a thousand wrangling desires become one love.”




Tender hearted Pisces is a water sign, rich in feeling and compassion. It allows us to be more in touch with the realms beyond physical reality. Some of Pisces best qualities are empathy, adaptable, go with the flow vibe, kindness and forgiveness.  It rules dreams, visions, myths and altered states of consciousness. These states can be reached through ritual, prayer, fasting, meditation or chanting. Some people prefer to imbibe substances to get there like LSD or ayahuasca. Some of the shadow side of Pisces are: self delusion, lacking direction and clearly defined goals.



Venus in Pisces

Put Venus and Pisces together and you get a longing for something elusive. A yearning for a deep love. We feel the possibility for deeper bonds with others. Venus is sentimental here, very sensitive and vulnerable. At it’s best it helps us to be more forgiving, tender, and empathetic. We want to be helpful to others. This is wonderful for any creative expression, art, music, film, photography fashion.


It’s shadow side displays escapist tendencies, can be evasive and may lack discrimination in whom to associate with. Beware of feeling victimised by others. Or wanting to rescue someone. Saviour/ martyr complexes are common pitfalls.

Ultimately Venus in Pisces years for unconditional love. Pisces and it’s ruler Neptune work their magic by dissolving all kinds of things. Like patterns of behaviour, outworn conditions in our life and rigid thinking. Whatever is keeping us stuck emotionally.


So embracing Pisces means letting go of what needs to pass, forgiving ourselves and others. Releasing, allowing, surrendering, accepting and trusting life. Idealised love is a product of Venus in Pisces. It’s the urge to lose yourself in another person.

Venus here is coaxing us to add big doses of fantasy, romance, rich imaginative musings in our ‘reality’.


Let’s invite Venus in Pisces into our lives by being open to receiving Divine Love. We can experience this through prayer and meditation. Or by immersing ourselves in what we love doing, for some people it’s being in nature. For others it’s being of service to others. There are as many ways as there are people. May the cosmic waters to sooth us all.



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