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Leo boosting the vital life force in our heart!

Leo lunar Eclipse 10th/11th February


Leo: A deep hearted connectedness to life and to each other

Leo urges us to do things HEARTILY! Shake off our inhibitions and be passionate about life! Cosmic energies are inviting us to a new freedom of self expression. What big ideas and projects can we engage in and create? It’s time to get inspired.

The full Moon in Leo at 22 degrees is also a Lunar Eclipse. It’s on the 10th/11th Feb depending where you are in the world (see below).



As eclipses go, this one is not very powerful, but it will definitely shake things up. Similar to all eclipses, expect the unexpected. We may experience a powerful release, it can shut things down, situations can pass out of our lives. Look for where 22 degrees Leo is in your chart for clues.


Sun in Aquarius is opposite Moon in Leo, bringing up the theme of the collective vs the individual. Being a team player vs being a leader. At full Moons the focus is on relationships, both personal and business. If there are imbalances you will notice them now.

Picture 22_2

Eccentric, independent Aquarius is oriented to humanitarian pursuits. Other qualities associated with Aquarius are: progressive, individualistic, idealist, aloof, opinionated, egalitarian, innovative, visionary, emotionally cool, and wilful.



‘Larger than life’, need to be important Leo energy is associated with being playful, joyful, generosity of spirit, domineering, enthusiastic unapologetically proud, courageous, wilful, flamboyant, pompous and commanding.

Leo ~ Chartres

Leo ~ Chartres


Think of eclipses as an opportunity to access some of the content of our unconscious. What has been hidden or unwanted gets revealed! It can bring a crisis situation to a head. Something is being illuminated, don’t ignore it.




With lunar eclipses we have a chances to peak into the “shadow” side of our nature, some of us have had powerful collisions with it! If we can resist fighting or judging it, but instead accepting it as part of our nature. It can lead to wonderful discoveries that can revitalise us, and help us see things through a new lens.

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 8.08.14 AM


This Lunar eclipse is part of an unusual dynamic pattern which involves two oppositions (180 degrees)that are supported by harmonious trines and sextiles (120 & 60 degrees) to each other. Sun opposite Moon, and Jupiter in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries. Saturn in Sagittarius makes a harmonious aspects to all four planets. This is a boon and a blessing, grounding all the dynamic energy so we can get a handle on it.

Essentially this means that there will be challenging issues coming up but there are also plenty of opportunities to resolve them. Solutions are more accessible. Take advantage of this unique chance to see the situation that arise from all sides.



Collectively we can shift perspective from the current divisive fear based outlook to hold a broader vision of unity.

Let’s harness our unique talents individually to make our contribution to the collective for the common good.


Time of eclipse! London 12.32/ 11th Feb    Los Angeles 4.32/ 10th Feb
Sydney 11.32am/ 11th Feb  New York 7.32 / 10th Feb

It is visible from Africa, North & South America,Europe, most of Asia. It is not visible from Australia.



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