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Pisces Solar Eclipse 26th Feb 2017



Opportunity for a fresh start on an energy level. Be prepared for some surprises.

This is a golden opportunity to let go of old hurts and experience emotional renewal.

Eclipses are a good time to clear away the old and make way for the new. Sometimes we don’t have a choice, it’s made for us by circumstances, by life.

” New Moons & Full Moons are God’s footprints in time”
Robert Wilkinson*

Solar Eclipses occur when the Moon’s orbital cycle positions it between the Earth and the Sun. As this is annular it will not cover the Sun completely. It will leave the Sun’s outer edges, creating a ring of fire. This is called annulus in astronomy. This will only be visible from the southern part of South America, and South West Africa.

This solar eclipse is at 9 degrees Pisces, conjunct Neptune. Actually apart from the Sun, Moon & Neptune, there are also Mercury, the south node, and two astroids, Athena Pallas and Chiron.
That’s a lot of Pisces! We are in deep emotional waters with this combo of planets.

Pisces represents Universal essence. It is concerned with other realms. It’s associated with metaphysical matters. The Oxford dictionary defines metaphysical as transcending physical matter or the laws of nature. Material concerns are not important here. What is important is to make time for our inner world, connection to spirit, the allure of the divine. When we enter Pisces we enter
enchanted realms.

Pisces world encompasses ….. dreams, myths, fantasy, illusion, imagination, altered states of consciousness, meditation, prayer, magic, fairytales, the surreal, glamour and much more.



So embracing Pisces and Neptune is to release what needs to pass and to allow in what needs to come into our lives. These energies ask if we can surrender our personal will for a time? Especially at this time?
Can we trust life to bring to us what we need? Can we be more humble, less ego driven?

The wealth associated with Pisces is a rich inner life, a rich imagination, cultivating more sensitivity and kindness to others, feeling more compassion for all beings.

Embracing these values helps bring the sacred into our lives and keep it there. Guiding us to remember the preciousness of life, of being alive here all of us, together. Melting our differences, highlighting our similarities. We are all born into this physical realm and we are all going to pass from this realm. From the Mystery to the Mystery. If you have had the honour to be at a birth you will have experienced Grace first hand. It’s beyond logic and science.

wikimedia commons

wikimedia commons



Pisces and it’s two rulers, Neptune and Jupiter like to see the BIG PICTURE, the broader perspective.

If they could speak they would say: “Hey don’t take the physical too seriously, it’s an illusion too!
Open your Beingness (not just your mind) focus on the thoughts, feelings and deeds that raise your vibration.”





Don’t forget to nurture yourself by doing what you love. It can be anything, gardening, cooking, surfing, music, walking in nature, playing with your children or pets. Doing what you love can foster your sense of WONDER!”




Other planetary aspects in the eclipse chart

Pisces Solar Eclipse 26th Feb 2017

Pisces Solar Eclipse
26th Feb 2017


Uranus & Mars in Aries will be exact the day of the eclipse at 21 degrees. With Jupiter opposite in Libra and Pluto square in capricorn. This is a volatile mix that can create an atmosphere of defiance and rebellion. Some people may be less willing to play by the rules or defer to authority.

Emotions may run high and there may be major conflict between people. Luckily the ever sensible Saturn is trine Uranus/Mars and sextile Jupiter and this should keep situations from getting too explosive. (Mars/Uranus is in Aries is a very electrical combust energy)


Care is needed while driving or traveling as this can be an accident prone combo.



On the positive side this powerful brew of planets can bring in a much needed release. Freeing us from stuckness or holding patterns. Look to where 8 degrees Pisces falls in your chart to see where the impact will be in your life.




To make the most of this time, dip into the healing waters of Pisces, nourish ourself by attending to our spiritual path. And strengthen our faith in Universal forces.

We can also harness the dynamic energy of Uranus/Mars/Jupiter to forge new grounds in consciousness. Like all oppositions, it’s to do with relationships. Let’s develop connections and unions with others that are mutually beneficial and honouring the best in each other.
With Pisces the possibilities are endless.

May we align our values and vision to that which serves humanity, our planet and all it’s creatures.

Eclipse starts 2.58pm GMT. will be live streaming it, NASA will too      * ~Robert Wilkinson (astrologer)


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