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Virgo Full Moon 12th March 2017

Alphonse Mucha
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This Virgo full Moon may activate some profound healing, but we must do it through facing some uncomfortable truths.

Full Moon is at 22 degrees Virgo.



Virgo is a reflective, deep thinking sign. It focuses on self improvement and needs to be precise and clear. Also liking to be in control, directed on pragmatic outcomes, while keeping an eye on the process. It has high standards, and is known for it’s perfectionist tendencies.


With Pisces it’s a different operating system. It is a sensitive sign known for it’s compassion and idealism. Pisceans are the dreamers of the zodiac. Focusing on what nourishes our soul and being receptive.  The ability to surrender and let go, allow and trust life are primary qualities of this sign. Letting go is not seen as failure but as part of being in tune with life’s cycles. This involves having deep       trust in life.

This is the lunation that helps us face some ‘home truths’

There are many aspects amplifying this full Moon:
The Sun is conjunct Athena Pallas, Chiron & Mercury
Both Sun & Moon square Saturn
Uranus & Jupiter inconjunct Moon & Sun respectively
Pluto trine Moon


There’s a lot going on. It’s a great opportunity for deep insights, emotional healing and spiritual growth. But it’s not going to be easy. The tendency may be to focus on other people’s vulnerabilities and wounds. Maybe even how dysfunctional they are. The challenge here is to focus on our own unresolved wounds. However uncomfortable that may be. It’s is the gift of this lunation.

Mercury the ruler of this full Moon is conjunct Chiron and square Saturn. It’s imperative to face our fears, especially those related to our deepest vulnerabilities. Don’t get stuck on negative thinking, worrying or imagining the worst. Both can be potential outcomes of these combination of planets. Isn’t worrying just using our imagination the wrong way? We need to process and deal with issues.

We can use this combination of planets to come up with some strategies to deal with our aversion to facing our core wounds. These issues may block us from evolving to our potential. There’s always a lot of energies blocked in unconscious complexes. There is a heaviness associated with trapped energies. We experience a feeling of lightness when we release the holding pattern (emotions & beliefs). It can be as simple as sitting with the ‘awful feelings’ and just let it be. Just witness it, no need to fix or analyse it. You will be surprised at the shift. This is the Pisces way.



At this time we need to take into account both sides of the Pisces / Virgo polarity.
Can we get a dialogue going between the pragmatic, conscientious part of us and the dreamer, idealist voice? Can we hear them both? Can we include our deepest fears in our focus and intention? This is a tall order, but that is what is being asked of us.

Happy Virgo full Moon!



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