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New Moon in Aries: new appreciation for life

New Moon 7 degrees Aries 27th/28th March


The new Moon in Aries is part of a 5 planet line up which includes: Venus, Sun, Moon, Mercury & Uranus. Together they are summoning us to be bolder, and live with courage and more authenticity.

Aries motto is to live life to the fullest.

Sun in Aries has a lot of vitality & energy (it’s exalted there). The Moon in Aries is intuitive exhilarating and wiling to take risks. Fused together, they give us a dynamic high energy combo that we can tap into to create a more passionate life. (for those who are interested)

Action oriented Aries loves winning and being first. It’s the start of the astrological year. Aries is a fire sign, full of vitality and high spirits. As it is also a cardinal sign, it has drive, enterprise and ambition.

New Moon is time for a fresh start, it represents new beginnings. This is the moment to seed new ideas, write a wish list, and set new intentions and take action, do the first step to achieving your goals. Make sure your list is about all things Aries: taking initiative, challenging yourself, having an adventure, getting out of the comfort zone, expand & broaden what you think is possible in your life. Above all don’t dim your light!

Venus in Aries

Venus has been retrograde since the 4th March, on the 25th March it conjuncts the Sun while still in retrograde motion. This marks the beginning of another Venus cycle. Venus goes retrograde every 18 months.

As you can see below, the pattern that Venus makes as it orbits around the Sun is a 5 petal flower. It takes 18 months to make one petal movement. The whole cycle takes about 7.5 years. No wonder she is the archetype of beauty!





New appreciation for life

Venus is our capacity to take pleasure in life. What is it we really want? And is it worth the energy we are spending to get it??

It’s a helpful part of our process when planets go retrograde. It’s an opportune time to revise and review our thought, beliefs & actions related to the planet in retrograde.

Venus retrograde has deep meaning, it’s a good time to withdraw and be totally honest with ourselves. Go past our perpetual defences and feel where we are most vulnerable. Be with that wounded part of ourself. The part that we usually avoid. Bring it up to the light of consciousness.

What is it we value in life? This includes relationships and personal life, our  professional status, material wealth, lifestyle and freedom.

Ed Jones- Love among the ruins (detail)

Re-evaluating our relationship needs and patterns is a good place to start. Do we blend, fuse, fade into each other? Are we aloof, reserved, detached, unresponsive or defensive?

How do we get affected by the people we are most intimate with (and how do we effect them)? This could be a favourable time to get new insights to deepen our awareness and enliven our relationships. It’s best not to make any major decisions about relationships till after Venus goes direct on the 15th April.

Getting to the heart of the matter, how do we value ourselves? Do we put our own needs last? Let ourselves be used? Accept intolerable work conditions? We can all do with a dose of Venus self love.

Venus is also related to finances, so it’s also a good time to review our financial plans, budgets and spending & saving habits.

More Aries

Amping up the Aries energy is the Mercury conjunct Uranus at 25 & 23 degrees. This combo is super innovative, promotes a quantum leap in our thinking and attracts new exciting ideas. Expect breakthroughs where you may be stuck. Mercury and Uranus are opposite Jupiter in Libra and square Pluto in Capricorn. This configuration is intense and challenging. We may feel it as a strong drive to succeed, but make sure it’s not at the cost of relationships with others.

The themes that have been around since 2012 are still with us, we need to continue to rework and adjust what we have learnt. We need to be more adaptable and co-operative, even when we are going for our own ‘thing’.

This new Moon planetary pattern promotes us to harness the courage, take initiative and activate our vision. For some of us, things have been on hold since the beginning of 2017. All the planets in Aries is like the fast forward button has been turned on.


Enjoy activating your passion & purpose (or taking it to the next level). May we flourish in our adventures. May we pioneer new grounds and have a new appreciation for each other and for life!

Happy Aries new Moon.



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