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Choose the thought that set you free!

      New Moon at 5 degrees Gemini           25/26th May

Gemini. Coloured engraving by S. Hall
via Creative Commons
Credit: Wellcome Library

Gemini New Moon: time to reflect on the quality of our communication. This is an ideal time to improve the way we talk and exchange ideas with others (and with ourselves). Our mind is constantly chattering, what thoughts are we listening to? Are we on a default setting? Have we heard the same thoughts for what seems like eons? Do your thoughts keep you stuck or set you free?

Gemini new Moon is a good opportunity to gather new insights on all this.

This is a calm new Moon, thankfully lacking drama.

Master of communication

Gemini energy is clever, quick, playful, responsive, inquisitive, unstable, resourceful, restless and nervous. It represents language and learning. Adaptability and flexibility are some of Gemini’s best qualities.  The ruler of Gemini is Mercury, he was the messenger of the gods in ancient mythology. So Gemini is all about communication. This includes our perceptions and our thinking process too.

Mercury – Olomouc


Mercury/Hermes was also known as the patron god of commerce, travelers, magicians, thieves and tricksters!

Gemini is referred to as the sign of the twins because of it’s dual nature. Gemini likes to look at all sides of an issue or situation. They can feel love and hate simultaneously, it’s part of the complexity of the sign.

New Moon represents new beginnings, so this is a fabulous time to seed your intentions, especially those to do with how you convey your ideas and the quality of your listening.



When the Sun & Moon are together every month, we can bring more conscious awareness(Sun) to our inner world of feelings and needs (Moon). As a result we can become more aware of the unspoken communication we are sending out.

Other aspects

Venus squares Pluto
Venus at 19 degrees Aries makes a 90 degree angle (square) with Pluto at 19 degrees Capricorn. This combination can complicate relationships. Watch out for power & control issues, also jealousy & possessive tendencies. When used right these energies can help transform intimate relationships.



Remember to initiate something new. Cultivate your curiosity. Learn something new.
Happy new Moon in Gemini!

Date & time of new Moon
Sydney/ AEST: 26th June 5.44am
LA/ PDT: 25th May 12.44pm
NY/EDT: 25th May 3.44pm
Guatemala City/ MT 25th May 1.44pm



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