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Opening our mind & heart to others ~ Jupiter in Libra

Jupiter goes direct on 6th June 2017

Matisse ~ Dance 1
Wikimedia Commons

Get ready Jupiter is going direct soon. It’s been in Libra since September 2016. Have you been feeling the vibes? The purpose is to expand our knowledge and awareness of how we participate in relationships and partnerships.

Jupiter is the planet of adventure, optimism, growth and generosity. It represents our beliefs about ourselves and about life. One of it’s best qualities is boundless optimism and faith. We will be tested on how much faith we have in our important relationships (and partnerships).

Jupiter retrograde

Expansive Jupiter has been retrograde since February this year. Since then we’ve had a chance to review any new insights we’ve gleaned about our relationship patterns.

Like with any other planet in retrograde motion, it’s timely to reflect, reconsider and realign. This time it’s about our beliefs on relating. A time to assess how our relationships are going. We don’t have to dig deep, usually the issues are already highlighted in our life.

Here are some possible themes and benefits:

Learn to cooperate and compromise in new ways without giving away our own needs.
Improve our negotiating skills and creating win/win situations in business partnerships
Define common goals in relationships and partnerships.
Gain some broader perspectives on our relating patterns.
Improve our social skills
Discover new adventurous ways to exchange ideas and be social with others (for example join a choir or sketch club –  something we’ve not done before)
Expand our social network
Learn to value others more

Jupiter leaves Libra in mid October, so use this time to go out meet people, circulate! Art gallery openings, sports events, fundraisers, conferences, dance classes, any classes, writers workshops.

Klimt – The Kiss (detail)
Wikimedia Commons

Libra loves relating, beauty, harmony and peace.
Like the other air signs (Gemini & Aquarius) communication is a key quality. Libra has a strong sense of fairness. So we can volunteer or support some social justice movement/organisation.
Or we can go dancing!

Let’s not forget the negative side to Jupiter: it’s prone to exaggeration,  self indulgence, self righteousness, wastefulness and excess, a ‘more is better’ attitude that can go overboard,
Close relationships will be tested, fragile ones may break up. Especially if they are not equal or if they are not mutually beneficial.


Essentially Jupiter in Libra asks us to stop our judgements and open our minds and hearts to others. Especially if they come from different backgrounds. Let’s foster Jupiter’s broad mindedness and extend ourselves.





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