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Sagittarius Full Moon ~ playful & serious

Full Moon in freedom loving Sagittarius 9th June 2017

Sagittarius full Moon is usually exciting and exuberant, inspiring our more idealistic side. Sagg loves BIG ideas and BIG adventures. Always looking for expansion and growth, resisting all forms of restriction.

Sagittarius Hevelius
Wikimedia Commons

Saturn sits snuggly next to this full Moon and changes the vibe with it’s insistence on following the ‘rules’, keeping the status quo and being accountable. This certainly cramps Sagittarius’s grand risk~ taking style. The theme has been around since January 2015 when Saturn entered Sagittarius. This lunation really brings it into focus.

We need to combine the urge to expand and grow without losing stability in our lives. Sounds challenging but it can be done. For example we can set a big goal that stretches our abilities(Sagittarius), with structured stages on how to achieve it. Measuring our result along the way (Saturn). As you can see, it’s not spontaneous, we are being asked to sublimate the fiery principles (mentioned above) with some practical guidelines. It may be opportune time to adjust our dreams, goals and visions.

Full Moon is a time of completion, a time when things may come to a peak. A project may reach a point of culmination. Or we may be wrapping up a job in readiness for something new. It’s a time when our feelings are amplified.

As stated in a previous post….

Gemini/ Sagittarius are a tricky combo. They represent our ability to think and communicate, learn, teach, play, explore, grow.


Gemini can talk itself into anything and Sag can justify everything!
We need to sift through the facts (Gemini) to find meaning  and direction (Sagittarius).


With Gemini energy it’s easy to spin out on too much data, social networking, pushing/promoting our ideas and experiencing mental overload. Overwhelmed with too much stimulation.

With Sagittarius we can take on too much or get caught up in too much self indulgence, arrogance and righteousness.


The ruler of this full Moon, Jupiter will be station on the same day. It has been retrograde since February this year. (See May 31st post for more detail). This should help things to move along, especially if they’ve been on hold. Jupiter will trine Sun and sextile Moon, preventing things getting too sombre.

Sagittarius Chartres
Wikimedia Commons


Working out what’s real and what’s not will not be easy as Neptune in Pisces will be squaring both the Sun & Moon. There may be misunderstandings in communications. Watch your words and take responsibility for the consequences of what you say. It’s not a good time to be careless. We may experience this time as a reality check on our exchanges with others.



Pluto makes a 150 degree angle to the Sun adding a dose of intensity. Gemini wants to play, socialise, have fun. Pluto wants us to be serious and go deep. Lucky this only lasts a few days!

Philosophical Sagittarius, loves to laugh at life and not take things too seriously. It’s Sagg’s saving grace! In fact it has that in common with Gemini, both can see the absurdity of things. At this time issues will come up, good not to ignore them. Deal with them, but don’t get too serious.



Curious Sagg is always searching for meaning, concerned with our connection to the universe/source energy/whatever you want to call it. All this is meant to help us on our path to find our own ‘truth’.
Look at your natal chart to see where the full moon is located for clues as to how it will affect you.
Happy Sagittarius Moon!






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  1. Great reading! Thank you Mathilde!



    On Wed, Jun 7, 2017 at 5:05 AM, Astrology by Mathilde wrote:

    > astrologybymathilde posted: “Full Moon in freedom loving Sagittarius 9th > June 2017 Sagittarius full Moon is usually exciting and exuberant, > inspiring our more idealistic side. Sagg loves BIG ideas and BIG > adventures. Always looking for expansion and growth, resisting all forms of > re” >

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