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Cancer New Moon ~ Calming gentle and nourishing

New Moon at 3 degrees Cancer 24th June 2017

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This new Moon is about the emotional realm. How do we feel? Are we in touch with our needs? Are we nurturing ourselves and others? Do we feel secure? These are some of Cancer’s concerns.

Cancer is a water signs. Water is the source of all life, it nurtures us. As humans we gestate and grow in the waters of the womb.

The characteristics of water signs are: very sensitive, primarily have an emotional nature, receptive, intuitive, sympathetic, sentimental, feel for others, clingy and moody. Even though water signs can be deeply feeling, they can be reserved about expressing them.

Water is a cleanser, it dissolves everything in it’s path. So when we express our feelings, it can help us feel better. It’s a cleansing, purifying process.



Cancer is about our sense of belonging to our family, our heritage and our ancestors. It favours preserving our family ties and other close personal connections. Cancer is ruled by the Moon which represents our emotional attachments, our ability to be receptive and sensitive. There’s a strong quality of protectiveness too.


Emotional healing coming our way

New Moons signify new cycles. It’s a great time to set our intentions, initiate new goals and replenish ourselves. There’s a strong watery emphasis at this time with Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars in Cancer. Though, it’s only the Sun, Moon & Mercury that are close. Mars is further away.

Mercury is the messenger of the gods, symbolising it’s mastery of communication. This should help us put our feelings into words. If there’s been something you’ve been wanting to share with a loved one, this is a good time to say it. Or maybe there will be a lot of talk (Mercury) about the past (Moon).

Other influences

Chiron at 29 degrees Pisces makes a square (90 degree angle) to this new Moon. It’s important not to avoid our pain & vulnerability with this combo. This is an opportunity for some profound deep healing. We can let go of any residue resentment from the past. Or do a workshop or retreat, any process that helps us go deeper within ourselves.

Venus trine Pluto/ Mars trine Neptune: both these easy 120 degree aspects should be helpful in our connections with others. Facilitating an intimate and emotionally comfortable time.

Mars square Jupiter should add some zing to it all! There will be energy available that needs to be channeled into some kind of physical activity.



So let’s be tender and nourish each other. Treasure the intimate connections that sustain us.
Sitting by or swimming in a body of water (whether it’s a river, lake or ocean) will help.
It’s such a good time to find our comfort zone!
Happy cancer new Moon!







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