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Revved up Capricorn full Moon

Full Moon at 17 degrees Capricorn 8th/9th July 2017


We will need all the mindfulness we can harness!

Far from being a regular full Moon in Capricorn, this one packs a punch! You may have been feeling the tension build up in the last few days. Full Moons are high energy times anyway. But this one has Pluto next to the Moon and Mars conjunct Sun in Cancer opposite. It doesn’t get more intense than that!

Pluto and Moon in Capricorn are all about power & control. These two planets bring a lot of intense feelings to the surface. The Moon is not comfortable with “taking care of business” Capricorn. Moon likes to feel and Capricorn is controlling and is uneasy with feelings.

Wikimedia Commons

Expect a few power struggles at this time. The situation can get very inflamed. If we get angered we will not know when to stop. There may be a lot of drama out there in the next few days.

Pluto is the planet of transformation. It operates in extremes, it’s fierce by nature. Working to expose and strip us of illusions. As painful as it can be, it’s also enriching and rewarding too.


Mars opposite Pluto and next to the Sun vamps up the energy levels and compels us to act or react. They are a desire driven duo. It wants what it wants and it wants it now! This is a wilful combination, we will have to cultivate more awareness, patience and understanding to create a spirit of compromise. Frankly, it wont be easy.

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It’s tricky but it is possible as Jupiter is making it’s presence felt (90 degree angle) from Libra. Jupiter lacks moderation and can add excess to what it touches. But on the positive side, it has been helping us understand our relationships in a more expansive way. This includes all partnerships, business and personal.  Libra is an air sign. So we are being encouraged to be more mentally adventurous. Think outside the square, expand our vision of what’s possible, in relationships. Jupiter is enticing us to learn the art of diplomacy and compromise which are some of Libra’s strengths.


It’s an opportune time for deep insights on how we manipulate others and how they manipulate us. Full Moons are often revelation times. We can gain new understanding of our dysfunctional emotional behaviours that need to be eliminated (Pluto). This could be the catalyst to clear the air. Especially if we take responsibility (Capricorn) for how we feel (Cancer).

Let’s look at the dynamics of Capricorn and Cancer.

Capricorn is a solid practical earth sign. It’s tenacious, disciplined, high achieving, responsible, purposeful, goal oriented, security minded, status oriented, competitive.

Cancer is about our sense of belonging, family, home, our comfort zone and security. Our personal life is of vital importance. It accentuates preserving our family ties. Cancer is a water sign, ruled by the Moon which represents our emotional attachments, our ability to be receptive and sensitive.

Both of these signs are Cardinal, meaning they are enterprising and proactive, self motivated and ambitious. So it would help at this time if we started something new that pushes the boundaries of what is possible.

These two signs represent the primal archetype of father (Capricorn) and mother (Cancer). Security and protection are important.

The dynamic combination of energies are so strong, it will be hard to contain. It needs to be channeled and released. Find an outlet, some high endurance activity such as running, zumba, gym, competitive sport, or what ever you can think of.

The chart for this full Moon indicates that the best outlet we have to handle these volatile energies is Neptune. It is trine the Sun (180 degrees) an easy flowing dynamic.

Neptune works it’s magic by dissolving all kinds of things. Like patterns of behaviour, outworn conditions in our life and rigid thinking. Whatever is keeping us stuck emotionally. So embracing Neptune means letting go of what needs to pass, forgiving ourselves and others. Releasing, allowing, surrendering, accepting and trusting life.

Neptune is anti – ego, it represents unity -what connects us all. The transcendent oneness behind it all. It doesn’t focus on our differences (what separates us). Earthly desires are not important. Material wealth and power don’t count in Neptune’s realm.


The qualities represented are compassion, kindness and being more sensitive to others. Having a more inclusive, expansive perspective. Seeing everyone and everything as connected. Not just seeing but experiencing it, the boundlessness of nature/life. That’s the purpose of spirituality, to get beyond the illusion of separation. This is THE primary strength of Neptune.

As you can see these qualities are quite opposite those of Saturn and Capricorn. But this is the antidote for all the issues mentioned above. So our job is to balance our worldly concerns with the deeper meaning of existence. Can we go for what we want without getting caught up in ego battles?


Mia Tarney
Wikimedia Commons


Remember there’s a lot of feisty energy around, it needs to be used creatively not destructively.
Keep out of other people’s dramas, and try not to start any. Stay aware of what you are feeling or reacting to.
Stay grounded, it may feel like your security is being threatened. But it may not be the case. Go deep and find what’s behind it. Don’t lose this opportunity to transform.

Happy Capricorn full Moon!

Sydney – 9th July 200pm
PDT US – 8th July 9.00pm
MDT US – 8th July 10.00pm
London – 9th 5.00 am



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  1. Fantastic blog Mathilda! It makes me aware of the drama that may come and try to stay balanced with it! Thank you!

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