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Boom Boom! Here come the changes!

Blockbuster Leo Total Solar Eclipse
@ 29 degrees Aug 21st 2017

         Compelling us to venture out of our comfort zone
or get booted out!)

                     Urging us to take a leap in the dark
act in faith & with trust in life

The Sun conjunct Moon is one of the strongest aspect in astrology. So new Moons are powerful, time for new beginnings, new possibilities. The total solar eclipse vamps it up, gives it more power & potency! Its influence will be felt for 6 months.

Eclipses upset the natural order of things. It is definitely not business as usual! Solar eclipses portend times of significant changes. Different perspectives, new & missing information can be revealed. Blind spots may be highlighted. Major shifts occur in vibrational alignment.

This is being called the great American Eclipse as the US will be the only place to view it in its totality. It’s the first solar eclipse to sweep across the country in 99 years. Starting in Oregon and finishing in South Carolina. Some places will be plunged into darkness for over 2 minutes.

The constellation Leo with Regulus at it’s heart
Wikimedia Commons

The eclipse is conjunct Regulus, which is a fixed star. Regulus has been considered an important star by many cultures over the centuries. It has been associated with royalty, leadership, military and honour. It’s fierce and powerful! It was known as star to kings, seen as a giver of riches and success. But also of spectacular downfalls too!

Regulus is the only 1st magnitude star to sit on the ecliptic. The ecliptic marks the annual path of the Sun, along which are located the constellations of the zodiac.

There are many planets involved with this solar eclipse. Mars is conjunct, Uranus & Saturn are trine and Jupiter is sextile. All these planets combined with the unpredictable nature of the eclipse and the influence of Regulus, creates a power packed, brash, motivating and forceful dynamic.

wiki media commons


More on the aspects

Both Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius trine the eclipse, creating a wonderful grand trine in fire. These aspects are future oriented. They can help us clear away the past. Uranus in Aries is high energy and can enbolden us! Saturn in Sagg will keep things from being completely out of control!
Fire can give us more initiative, confidence and a renewed sense of adventure. This combo is highly favourable for creative self expression, breaking new grounds of what is possible.



Uranus and Saturn have been trine since december 2016

Saturn helps us create stability, build structures & boundaries that supports our sense of safety and security.
Uranus encourages us to be more independent and bring on change even when it destabilise our lives. In balancing these two urges we face fear and excitement.
Our job is to feel the fear and the excitement and somehow keep following our hunches.

Mars is in Leo too, making a wide conjunction and adding more zeal, vitality and drive!!

Jupiter in Libra is sextile, reminding us to be thoughtful to others. Both Mars and Jupiter in exact sextile will add a good sense of timing. Helping us feel like we are in the right place at the right time.

Relationships will also get a look in, as Venus in Cancer, Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Libra are all making strong aspects to each other. (Mainly squares and oppositions)
The potential is accessing deep meaningful intimacy, but beware of being over sensitive, defensive and/or reactive.

Mercury will be retrograde from 12th Aug till the 5th Sept. So it’s important to be flexible and patient.

Wikimedia Commons

This is the second new Moon in Leo, the first at 1 degree Leo was on the 23rd July.

Look to where 29 degrees Leo falls in your birth chart by sign and house to work out where in your life the eclipse will impact you. For example if it falls in your 7th house it will impact your relationships, partnerships and romance. In the 2nd it’s all about your income, assets and values. In the 10th it will effect your public standing, profession and status.

If the eclipse is conjunct any of your natal planets then you will feel it strongly. The energy the planet represents will receive extra wattage and will feel revitalised and and stimulated!



Injection of a Super New Moon Eclipse life force!

This is an opportune time for profound awakenings. This is not about little tweeks and updates.
Let’s tap into and channel the high energy and create new circumstances in our lives that facilitate a more authentic life.

Dare to be YOU!! Happy Leo new Moon!





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  1. Yeah, I agree with Zara….. Bring it on! Have just joined Toastmasters, bought and learning ukulele and several other pursuits to broaden the horizons! Going with the flow <4 ❤

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