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Leo boosting the vital life force in our heart!

Leo lunar Eclipse 10th/11th February Leo: A deep hearted connectedness to life and to each other Leo urges us to do things HEARTILY! Shake off our inhibitions and be passionate about life! Cosmic energies are inviting us to a new freedom of self expression. What big ideas and projects can we engage in and create? It’s time to get inspired. The full Moon in Leo at 22 degrees is also […]

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Aquarius New Moon ~ promise to be true to yourself!

New Moon at 8 degrees Aquarius 27/28th January 2017   This is the first New Moon of 2017. It marks the beginning of a new cycle. A potent time for emotional renewal. Astrologers usually counsel people to set ‘far out’ goals and visions , to think outside the square. And to a certain extent this is applicable. But we have the steadying influence of Saturn in semi-square (45 degrees) keeping […]

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Aquarian Full Moon encouraging innovation and original expression

 Full Moon in Aquarius 18th Aug 2016 Aquarius Full Moon is encouraging us to be innovative and and authentic. This sign associated with original thinking, rebellion, and is very idealistic. It is known for it’s unconventional style, is community minded, future oriented and likes to find solutions to social problems. Full Moons can be experienced as a peak in the lunar energy cycles, often our best learning can come through encounters with other […]

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Intense and Climactic Leo Full Moon

Hyped up Full Moon in Leo 23rd/24th January Leo Full Moons are usually playful and vibrant. This one has some element of that, but is overshadowed by the strained patterns of some of the other planets. Mars in Scorpio makes a square (90 degree angle) to the full Moon, adding intensity and potential confrontational vibes. Someone may be in the mood for battle. Mercury in Capricorn is still retrograde and […]

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Super Full Moon in Aquarius Aug 2014

BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE!!! This is the 4th Super Moon in this year’s series of 5. (super moon is when the new or full moon comes to a point closest to the earth)           Full Moon is when the Sun and Moon are exactly opposite each other, it’s a super charged time, a time of fruition. If you have set intentions at the […]

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