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Dynamic & Daring Aries Super Full Moon!

Dynamic & Daring Super Full Moon in Aries 16th October 2016   Fiery Full Moon in Aries shaking us up! This is a challenging and volatile full Moon. After a year of delays, stop/starts, frustrations this dynamic full Moon will be strongly felt and there is potential for a huge cathartic emotional release. We may also be rearing up to take action. The wild energy unleashed will be difficult to […]

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Bold + Dynamic Aries New Moon calling us!

    May we experience courageous new                                     beginnings! Aries New Moon 7th April 2016 New Moon in Aries is summoning us to be audaciously bold and pioneering! Aries is a dynamic, action oriented sign. It is the first sign in the zodiac, it’s element is fire. Naturally Aries is a trail blazing […]

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ARIES ~ a closer look

 A closer look at Loveable – Rambunctious –       Give me a piece of the Action ARIES!! Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, it’s the beginning of the zodiac cycle. It’s pure raw life force, with plenty of vitality! When an Aries person is fired up on a mission, you better get out of the way! Aries has an “act now- think later” approach to life. […]

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Blood Super Moon Total Eclipse in Aries!

Aries Lunar Eclipse 27/28th September This is a very powerful eclipse. It’s influence will be felt for 5 months or so. It is the 4th and final lunar eclipse in a series of four successive total lunar eclipses called tetrad, they are all 6 months apart. This is not a common occurrence. There is a lot of superstition about eclipses, we carry it from centuries past. Eclipses are associated with unpredictable energy […]

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Time to take Action!!

New Moon in Aries 18th April 2015 Aries has an “act now- think later” approach to life. It’s an energetic innovative fire sign that loves a challenge. This sign has raw and restless energy. Like all fire signs (leo and sagittarius) it has enormous faith and trust in life. Aries energy and new moons are all about new beginnings. This is a great time to get unstuck…. it is THE time […]

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Blood Full Moon in Libra is a Total Lunar Eclipse Today!

What a potent time! This Eclipse set’s off the intense Pluto/Uranus aspects that have been testing us since 2012. Are you restless and wanting to run away? Are you getting your ass kicked by life? Are your relationship issues magnified? Are people and situations falling out of your life? These are some of the possible themes that can be occurring. Total Eclipses are opportunities to become more aware and go […]

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Cosmic Lovers Unite!

Venus and mars fusing in fiery Aries. Since Saturday the 21st feb these two planets have been summoning us to be bolder and more daring. This influence lasts till the 25th feb. This combo generates a lot of magnetism and charisma. Romance, sex and passion is in the air!  Aries is a dynamic sign, it’s action oriented, competitive, impulsive, courageous, decisive, independent, enthusiastic, forceful, spontaneous and direct. Venus and Mars […]

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New Moon in Aries March 2014

Happy Astrological New Year!! Aries New Moon Aries energy = courageous, direct, assertive, potent, confident, forceful, enthusiastic, visionary, independent, dynamic, dare- devil! It’s the sign of the adventurer, explorer, pioneer, warrior, trail blazer. Let’s use this new moon to find this archetype inside, the part of us that wants to initiate, be first, be daring! Not worry about what others think! This New Moon gives us the motivation and opportunity […]

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