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Sagittarius Full Moon ~ playful & serious

Full Moon in freedom loving SagittariusĀ 9th June 2017 Sagittarius full Moon is usually exciting and exuberant, inspiring our more idealistic side. Sagg loves BIG ideas and BIG adventures. Always looking for expansion and growth, resisting all forms of restriction. Saturn sits snuggly next to this full Moon and changes the vibe with it’s insistence on following the ‘rules’, keeping the status quo and being accountable. This certainly cramps Sagittarius’s grand […]

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Opening our mind & heart to others ~ Jupiter in Libra

Jupiter goes direct on 6th June 2017 Get ready Jupiter is going direct soon. It’s been in Libra since September 2016. Have you been feeling the vibes? The purpose is to expand our knowledge and awareness of how we participate in relationships and partnerships. Jupiter is the planet of adventure, optimism, growth and generosity. It represents our beliefs about ourselves and about life. One of it’s best qualities is boundless […]

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Full Moon 22 degrees Cancer ~ 12th Jan 2017

Cancer Full Moon/ Grand Cross transforming us!   Something big has been building up for weeks and it’s coming to a head with this Cancer full Moon. It’s an intensely charged and volatile full Moon. Heated reactions may be triggered. It’s a testing time. Our emotions are heightened and we may feel rebellious or reactive. Our best learning and insights will come through encounters with others. The other challenge is […]

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Jupiter in Virgo goes direct

Jupiter has been in Virgo since August 2015. It has a 12 year cycle, staying in each zodiac sign for approximately for one year. It leaves Virgo and enters Libra on the 10th September this year. Jupiter in Virgo helps us get in touch with our physical senses, and the reality of the physical world. Virgo is concerned with mind/body connection, so with Jupiter here, we are encouraged to focus […]

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