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Full Moon 22 degrees Cancer ~ 12th Jan 2017

Cancer Full Moon/ Grand Cross transforming us!   Something big has been building up for weeks and it’s coming to a head with this Cancer full Moon. It’s an intensely charged and volatile full Moon. Heated reactions may be triggered. It’s a testing time. Our emotions are heightened and we may feel rebellious or reactive. Our best learning and insights will come through encounters with others. The other challenge is […]

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Time to tell a different story!

Outstanding Capricorn New Moon 28th/29th Dec 2016 Time to EVOLVE!   There is a great combination of planetary energies that can help us transform all that we have been through in 2016. It’s been an intense and challenging year. This is the last new Moon of the year. At this lunation we can profit (a good Capricorn word!) from the opportunities presented. The intentions we ‘plant’ now will seed at […]

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