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Choose the thought that set you free!

      New Moon at 5 degrees Gemini           25/26th May Gemini New Moon: time to reflect on the quality of our communication. This is an ideal time to improve the way we talk and exchange ideas with others (and with ourselves). Our mind is constantly chattering, what thoughts are we listening to? Are we on a default setting? Have we heard the same thoughts […]

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Effervescent volatile Gemini full Moon!

Energy packed Gemini full Moon 13/14th Dec 2016   Highlighting our communications and our sense of adventure, the gemini full Moon may be felt as an uplifting and high energy time. It’s also restless, excitable, playful, volatile and very social. We may feel that it’s time we really express ourselves, after all Gemini and Sagittarius are the mental axis. Full Moons can be experienced as a peak in the lunar […]

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Grounding and comforting Taurus full Moon

Super Full Moon in Taurus 14th/15th Nov ….. “Quieten down, slow down …… calm down all the Scorpio intensity and drama.” That’s what this beautiful Taurus full Moon is asking of us. We couldn’t have asked for anything better at this time, the psychic airwaves are excessively full of negativity and fear. Taurus is a fixed earth sign, it’s qualities are cautious, deliberate, practical, patient, hard working and peace loving. […]

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It is time for fresh ideas and perspectives

New Moon in Gemini 4/5th June 2016   Food for thought The life we create is strongly affected by our thought process. The New Moon in Gemini is an auspicious time to be more conscious of our thoughts and beliefs. Are we controlled by negative, repetitive, nagging, undermining thought patterns? This is a fantastic opportunity to RESET our thought process. Mercury which is the ruler of Gemini is associated with […]

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Gemini New Moon June 16th 2015 

  It’s a good time to conceive Brilliant New Grand Ideas!!! New Moon represents new beginnings, so this is a fabulous time to seed your intentions, especially those to do with anything ruled by Gemini. For example: bringing an idea to reality, attracting new clients, increasing our social circle or studying something new. This new moon in Gemini brings clarity and an urge to take a chance, initiate a project […]

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