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Great time to Nurture and Nourish!

New Moon in Cancer July 4th 2016   New moon in Cancer, the sign that yearns for family, roots and personal intimate connections. It is ruled by the Moon, so security and comfort are the focus. The Moon is a symbol for the Primal Mother archetype. It may be an emotional time now, it’s not a good time to repress or ignore our feelings. This is an opportunity to become […]

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Full Moon Blessings in Cancer Christmas day 2015

     Time to Nourish, Love and Nurture one another! This is the last full Moon of the year. It’s at 3 degrees of Cancer. Cancer is about our sense of belonging, family, home, our comfort zone and security. It accentuates preserving our family ties. Cancer is ruled by the Moon which represents our emotional attachments, our ability to be receptive and sensitive. It is important to be aware of […]

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New Moon in Cancer 15/16th July 2015

  New Moon in Cancer is Super Charged and Cram-Packed with Energy, Challenges and Healing!   Cancer New Moon is an invitation to align ourselves to the most intimate personal part of our life. Get set for a tidal wave of emotion. If you have been stuffing your emotions down – the intense configuration of planets involved are guaranteed to stir things up! Navigating close to the sun and moon […]

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Full Moon in Cancer

First Full Moon in 2014! Full moon is about balancing polarities. This full moon highlights public life vs private life. Capricorn represents: ambition, professional goals, public reputation, general duties and managing things. Cancer represents: personal / domestic life, emotional security and safety, urge to belong, family and our personal needs. The challenge is to balance meeting our responsibilities and obligations out in the world vs time for the personal connections […]

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