Astrology by Mathilde

Deciphering the Stars


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The Ancients described astrology as the ‘Soul of Nature’

It is a universal language of energy, archetypal energy that is represented by the planets

and the signs. These are the building blocks of life that flow through all of nature including humans.

Another way of describing it, is that astrology articulately describes the power of nature for example:

the urge to create or destruct, transform or reform, to dominate or submit.

As Martin Schulman describes….. ” centuries before the birth of Christ, man observed the movements of the planets through the heavens. He contemplated their effects and pondered the relationships they had upon each other. And, through these observations he was able to develop a philosophy which helped him to understand the different facets of human experience.¬†From the seven planets known to the Ancients, the body of astrological knowledge was formed.”



Western Astrology has it’s roots in mesopotamia. Ishtar, a Babylonian Goddess is a later development of Innana from Sumeria. She is the goddess of fertility and love and war. Pictured here with lions whose roar was similar to the power of thunder to the ancients.