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Boom Boom! Here come the changes!

Blockbuster Leo Total Solar Eclipse @ 29 degrees Aug 21st 2017          Compelling us to venture out of our comfort zone or get booted out!)                      Urging us to take a leap in the dark act in faith & with trust in life The Sun conjunct Moon is one of the strongest aspect in astrology. So new Moons […]

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Zest for Life in a BIG Leo way!

North Node in Leo/ South Node in Aquarius   Time to embrace the sheer joy of being alive and be proud of who you are. It’s an auspicious time to be more playful and to experience more pleasure & creative self expression. Earlier this month there was a Lunar Nodal shift. North Node moved from Virgo into Leo. The north & south Nodes are not planets but points formed by […]

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Leo boosting the vital life force in our heart!

Leo lunar Eclipse 10th/11th February Leo: A deep hearted connectedness to life and to each other Leo urges us to do things HEARTILY! Shake off our inhibitions and be passionate about life! Cosmic energies are inviting us to a new freedom of self expression. What big ideas and projects can we engage in and create? It’s time to get inspired. The full Moon in Leo at 22 degrees is also […]

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Intense and Climactic Leo Full Moon

Hyped up Full Moon in Leo 23rd/24th January Leo Full Moons are usually playful and vibrant. This one has some element of that, but is overshadowed by the strained patterns of some of the other planets. Mars in Scorpio makes a square (90 degree angle) to the full Moon, adding intensity and potential confrontational vibes. Someone may be in the mood for battle. Mercury in Capricorn is still retrograde and […]

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Extravagant Leo Full Moon 3rd Feb 2015

Let’s be in the splendour of loving Ourselves and Life! Just for the sheer Joy of it! Be BOLD and have the courage to let the Leo Sunshine through at this Leo Full Moon. Leo at it’s best is about sharing Joy and Pleasure. The Leo full moon encourages us to get into the part of ourselves that wants to shine. Not dim our lights for anyone or any circumstance. […]

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