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New Moon

Boom Boom! Here come the changes!

Blockbuster Leo Total Solar Eclipse @ 29 degrees Aug 21st 2017          Compelling us to venture out of our comfort zone or get booted out!)                      Urging us to take a leap in the dark act in faith & with trust in life The Sun conjunct Moon is one of the strongest aspect in astrology. So new Moons […]

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Choose the thought that set you free!

      New Moon at 5 degrees Gemini           25/26th May Gemini New Moon: time to reflect on the quality of our communication. This is an ideal time to improve the way we talk and exchange ideas with others (and with ourselves). Our mind is constantly chattering, what thoughts are we listening to? Are we on a default setting? Have we heard the same thoughts […]

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Reclaim our Sense of Wonder

Pisces Solar Eclipse 26th Feb 2017   Opportunity for a fresh start on an energy level. Be prepared for some surprises. This is a golden opportunity to let go of old hurts and experience emotional renewal. Eclipses are a good time to clear away the old and make way for the new. Sometimes we don’t have a choice, it’s made for us by circumstances, by life. ” New Moons & […]

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Aquarius New Moon ~ promise to be true to yourself!

New Moon at 8 degrees Aquarius 27/28th January 2017   This is the first New Moon of 2017. It marks the beginning of a new cycle. A potent time for emotional renewal. Astrologers usually counsel people to set ‘far out’ goals and visions , to think outside the square. And to a certain extent this is applicable. But we have the steadying influence of Saturn in semi-square (45 degrees) keeping […]

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Time to tell a different story!

Outstanding Capricorn New Moon 28th/29th Dec 2016 Time to EVOLVE!   There is a great combination of planetary energies that can help us transform all that we have been through in 2016. It’s been an intense and challenging year. This is the last new Moon of the year. At this lunation we can profit (a good Capricorn word!) from the opportunities presented. The intentions we ‘plant’ now will seed at […]

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Deep profound awareness with Scorpio New Moon

Delve into the depths           Scorpio New Moon 30th Oct 2016 New Moon is a time when the moon is at it’s darkest. It’s time to go within and be present deeply. Time for a fresh start, it represents new beginnings. So this is a fabulous opportunity to seed your intentions and wishes, especially those to do with anything ruled by Scorpio. Scorpio is a complex […]

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A much needed dose of Libra Love!

Auspicious Libra New Moon 30th Sept/1st Oct 2016 This Libra new Moon is social, cheerful, expansive and joyful. It’s loaded with good vibrations! This is a welcome change after a year of challenging and stressful aspects. What a great time to start a new relationship or breathe new life into an existing one. Romance is in the air! New Moon is full of romance. It is also super charged, being the […]

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Time for some magical realism

 Solar Eclipse at 9 degrees Virgo 1st Sept 2016   Solar eclipses always occur at the new Moon. The Moon passes in between the Earth and the Sun. In the process it blocks out the light emanating from the sun. This is not a total eclipse, it is called annular, a ring of fire will be visible. This eclipse will be seen from parts of Africa, South Asia and West […]

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