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Reclaim our Sense of Wonder

Pisces Solar Eclipse 26th Feb 2017   Opportunity for a fresh start on an energy level. Be prepared for some surprises. This is a golden opportunity to let go of old hurts and experience emotional renewal. Eclipses are a good time to clear away the old and make way for the new. Sometimes we don’t have a choice, it’s made for us by circumstances, by life. ” New Moons & […]

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Venus in Pisces

    Venus the Goddess of Love Venus is exalted in soulful Pisces. Exalted is a term in astrology that means that Pisces (more than any other sign) brings out the best and most essential qualities in Venus. Venus entered Pisces on the 4th of January, and stays till┬áthe 4th of February when she moves into Aries. Then re-enters Pisces on the 4th of April while in retrograde motion. And […]

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Pisces ~ flow with the healing blessings!

Pisces Lunar Eclipse 16th Sept 2016 This eclipse and all the planets aspecting it, are cajoling us, enticing us, compelling us begging us to participate in this wonderful powerful healing opportunity! Time to cleanse, meditate and contemplate. Time to perform ceremony/ puja. Time to clear all the ‘gunk’ clogging our physical body, emotional body, etheric body!   Chiron ~ the planet of healing This is the last eclipse of the […]

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Let’s nourish our Souls and be receptive to the Divine!

Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse 8/9th March 2016   Total Solar Eclipse Super Moon! This powerful planetary alignment is an opportunity for┬ámonumental healing of our issues and personal patterns that we have been carrying around for eons! It is a chance to release the outworn beliefs, feelings and conditions that keep us from evolving. It can reveal what from the past has a hold over us. Tell a New Story […]

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Let Pisces work it’s Magic!!!

Total Super Solar Eclipse in Pisces 20th March 2015               Dive into the cleansing waters of Pisces and come out feeling refreshed and renewed. Let the healing energy flow through and connect you to your soul, to the divine. This is an extraordinary and rare occurrence having the eclipse on the same day as the spring/autumn equinox. The solar eclipse is at 29 degrees […]

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Beautiful Pisces New Moon March 1st

Enjoy the Pisces New Moon a time to tune into our dreams and visions. Let the healing energy of pisces flow through you as you make your wishes for this month. Here are some words that try and capture the essence of elusive pisces: ….intangible, yielding, daydreams, nuances, devotional, transcendence, allowing, streams of consciousness, fantasy, illusion, flow with the current, active imagination, deep attunement, cosmic consciousness, amorphous states, lucidity, meditative, […]

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