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Boom Boom! Here come the changes!

Blockbuster Leo Total Solar Eclipse @ 29 degrees Aug 21st 2017          Compelling us to venture out of our comfort zone or get booted out!)                      Urging us to take a leap in the dark act in faith & with trust in life The Sun conjunct Moon is one of the strongest aspect in astrology. So new Moons […]

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Opening our mind & heart to others ~ Jupiter in Libra

Jupiter goes direct on 6th June 2017 Get ready Jupiter is going direct soon. It’s been in Libra since September 2016. Have you been feeling the vibes? The purpose is to expand our knowledge and awareness of how we participate in relationships and partnerships. Jupiter is the planet of adventure, optimism, growth and generosity. It represents our beliefs about ourselves and about life. One of it’s best qualities is boundless […]

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Are we ready for some Truth? Dare we!

Full Moon in Sagittarius Saturday 21st May Two Full Moons in Sagittarius! We must need to be inspired and motivated to go on a BIG ADVENTURE or have a BIG VISION because we have not one but two full Moons in Sagittarius! The first is on the 21st May, the second on June 20th. This is a positive, high energy full Moon. It is conjunct Mars in Sagittarius, even though Mars […]

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“ Is there any spark of imagination left in us, as we stand beneath the stars, trusting the emotions + intuitions that rise up in us, we can feel with bodily certainty, that these birds of fire have an impact on human life, an influence that is undeniable.” – Thomas Moore, from his book ‘”The Re-enchantment of Everyday Life”  

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Uranus in Aries goes direct and full moon in Gemini today!

Uranus has been retrograde (appears to be going backwards) since July, today it goes direct. What does this mean? Firstly Uranus represents the genius, innovator, trickster, liberator within us. It demands freedom to be our unique self, it illuminates, awakens, and disrupts the status quo. Aries is the sign of the pioneer, adventurer, bold action, courage and strong initiative. Together it’s a potent and potentially explosive mix. Expect the unexpected! […]

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