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Full Moon 22 degrees Cancer ~ 12th Jan 2017

Cancer Full Moon/ Grand Cross transforming us!   Something big has been building up for weeks and it’s coming to a head with this Cancer full Moon. It’s an intensely charged and volatile full Moon. Heated reactions may be triggered. It’s a testing time. Our emotions are heightened and we may feel rebellious or reactive. Our best learning and insights will come through encounters with others. The other challenge is […]

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The Outer Planets and the Aquarian Age

In the Aquarian Age we are our own saviour! Leaving behind the Pisces Age (circa from Christ’s time for approximately 2,000 years) we no longer need an external saviour. We don’t need to be victims and we don’t have to be rescued. The Cosmos wants us to know that we have choices. Where do we choose to place our awareness, are we even choosing or are we on automatic pilot? […]

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Uranus and Pluto Epic Stand Off 2012- 2015

AUTHORITY vs REBELLION Irresistible force meets immovable object! This combination of planets…… rebellious, freedom- loving, anti-establishment URANUS making a 90 degree angle to ruthless, transformative, power loving PLUTO. This has been in operation since 2012, we are all aware of the magnitude of events that have been occurring globally. If anyone had been living as though they were asleep, the events of the last 3 years should have woken them […]

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New Moon/Solstice/Uranus direct/ Saturn in Sag!!!

The end of December is a very significant time with many strong shifts and beginnings/ endings of cycles coinciding at the same time. We have: #Winter/ Summer Solstice 21st Dec   #New Moon in Capricorn 22nd Dec   #Saturn entering Sagittarius 24th Dec   #Uranus going direct 24th Dec #Uranus square Pluto all Dec   Solstices signify the times of new seasons, either summer or winter. The sun is either […]

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