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Practical self improvement, healing & our deepest wounds

Virgo Full Moon 12th March 2017 This Virgo full Moon may activate some profound healing, but we must do it through facing some uncomfortable truths. Full Moon is at 22 degrees Virgo.   Virgo is a reflective, deep thinking sign. It focuses on self improvement and needs to be precise and clear. Also liking to be in control, directed on pragmatic outcomes, while keeping an eye on the process. It […]

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Time for some magical realism

 Solar Eclipse at 9 degrees Virgo 1st Sept 2016   Solar eclipses always occur at the new Moon. The Moon passes in between the Earth and the Sun. In the process it blocks out the light emanating from the sun. This is not a total eclipse, it is called annular, a ring of fire will be visible. This eclipse will be seen from parts of Africa, South Asia and West […]

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Jupiter in Virgo goes direct

Jupiter has been in Virgo since August 2015. It has a 12 year cycle, staying in each zodiac sign for approximately for one year. It leaves Virgo and enters Libra on the 10th September this year. Jupiter in Virgo helps us get in touch with our physical senses, and the reality of the physical world. Virgo is concerned with mind/body connection, so with Jupiter here, we are encouraged to focus […]

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Happy Virgo full Moon!

Full Moon in Virgo 21/22 Feb 2016 Full Moon is when the moon is opposite the sun. This full Moon occurs at 3 degrees Virgo opposite the Sun and Neptune in Pisces. The challenge is to balance our need for order and efficiency with the dreamer, idealist,less pragmatic part of ourselves. At Full Moon things come to a head; it’s a culmination of energy patterns that have been at play for a […]

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Virgo Solar Eclipse 13th September 2015

Virgo Eclipse – Shifting the dynamics of our lives Eclipses are a dynamic energy charge, think of them as extra wattage in the airwaves. Things are experienced as more dramatic and stark. As agents for change, they can rejuvenate areas of our lives. There’s pressure that can be felt leading up to the eclipse. It’s time to release things, circumstances or people that have run their course. We know what […]

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