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Full Moon in Cancer

First Full Moon in 2014! Full moon is about balancing polarities. This full moon highlights public life vs private life. Capricorn represents: ambition, professional goals, public reputation, general duties and managing things. Cancer represents: personal / domestic life, emotional security and safety, urge to belong, family and our personal needs. The challenge is to balance meeting our responsibilities and obligations out in the world vs time for the personal connections […]

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Venus retrograde from 21st December till 31st January 2014

Venus is the planet of love, beauty and values It represents our feminine magnetic energy and attracting what we want into our life (as opposed to go getting it). It’s the principle of harmony, justice and equilibrium. It governs sensuality and seduction and aesthetic taste. Also governs the flow of money. When Venus turns retrograde it’s time to turn our light of awareness inwards. Venus retrograde is a catalyst to […]

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Very Dynamic Very Potent Super New Moon in Capricorn!!

This New Moon in Capricorn is part of a Cardinal Grand Cross. Cardinal means being action oriented! This Grand Cross is a configuration of 7 planets all at right angles to each other. What does this mean to us all? New Moon= New Beginnings This one comes with power, energy, tension, action. It is a big opportunity to TRANSFORM + REVOLUTIONISE our lives. The point is……. can we rise to […]

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“ Is there any spark of imagination left in us, as we stand beneath the stars, trusting the emotions + intuitions that rise up in us, we can feel with bodily certainty, that these birds of fire have an impact on human life, an influence that is undeniable.” – Thomas Moore, from his book ‘”The Re-enchantment of Everyday Life”  

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Uranus in Aries goes direct and full moon in Gemini today!

Uranus has been retrograde (appears to be going backwards) since July, today it goes direct. What does this mean? Firstly Uranus represents the genius, innovator, trickster, liberator within us. It demands freedom to be our unique self, it illuminates, awakens, and disrupts the status quo. Aries is the sign of the pioneer, adventurer, bold action, courage and strong initiative. Together it’s a potent and potentially explosive mix. Expect the unexpected! […]

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Mars in Libra

Mars entered libra yesterday and will be there for nearly 8 months. This doesn’t happen very often as it usually stays in a sign for about 6 weeks. It has a 23 month cycle around the zodiac. How does this effect us? The challenge will be how to balance our needs with other’s needs. Do we consult with our partner (business or love) before making decisions or taking action? If […]

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Solar Return Charts

A Solar Return Chart is used to forecast the period from one birthday to the next. It is calculated for the exact degree the sun was at the time and of birth for the current year. It is an important chart to get done, as it indicates what themes will be important for the coming year. It shows where the action will be, where most of our energy will go. […]

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Sagittarius New Moon 2/3rd Dec 2013 (12.22 GMT)

New Moon represents new beginnings. A good time to focus on setting new intentions. Sagittarius (like all fire signs) looks for meaning in life, it represents freedom to be ourselves and expansion of consciousness. It is the sign of the visionary. It’s time to look at the BIGGER PICTURE…where are we heading? What do we want from life? What new experiences do we need to grow? Do we dare to follow our […]

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What I love about astrology

          The flavours of the planets, the energies they represent…. how they make us feel and how they are expressed by people everyday. Astrology describes the contrast, diversity  and nuance that makes life so interesting and  juicy! I love seeing the rhythms and cycles of life as they unfold. Planets are like instruments in a celestial orchestra, each one with it’s own beat, each one calling […]

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The Ancients described astrology as the ‘Soul of Nature’

It is a universal language of energy, archetypal energy that is represented by the planets

and the signs. These are the building blocks of life that flow through all of nature including humans.

Another way of describing it, is that astrology articulately describes the power of nature for example:

the urge to create or destruct, transform or reform, to dominate or submit.

As Martin Schulman describes….. ” centuries before the birth of Christ, man observed the movements of the planets through the heavens. He contemplated their effects and pondered the relationships they had upon each other. And, through these observations he was able to develop a philosophy which helped him to understand the different facets of human experience. From the seven planets known to the Ancients, the body of astrological knowledge was formed.”