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Natal Chart

Natal Chart Reading
(Birth Chart)


Natal & Transits & Progressions (Birth Chart + Forecast)


Natal Chart Reading for babies or children

Understanding your child’s chart helps you to encourage their strengths. Also gives you insights into their challenges, sensitivities, their learning abilities and unique gifts and talents.


Knowing your Natal Chart can:

  • Help you with a deeper understand of your temperament, behaviours, challenges and strengths.
  • It can also show your talents and gifts. The knowledge provided can improve your ability to maximize your potential.
  • Assist with understanding of your motivations and desires. Expose blind spots
  • Highlight your patterns in relationships


Transits, solar return & progressions

(Annual Forecast)

Transits, solar return & progressions

$200           (First time)

$180           (existing clients)

Solar Return



Forecast readings can clarify appropriate and auspicious timing. It outlines major themes for the coming year. It’s an effective tool to help you make smart choices especially if you are at a crossroad and need to make major decisions. Can indicate major professional opportunities or the best timing for expansion of business.


Progressions show who you are today, how you have grown and evolved. Can point out new qualities that you have develop (or need to). Also highlights the areas of life that are in in current focus.

Solar Return

Solar Return does not deal with specific timing, it is a forecast for the year from Birthday to Birthday. It shows where the emphasis is for that year (profession, love life, finances, health for example)


Other reading types:

Specific question

When you have a specific question you need clarity around.


Follow up reading

A follow up session to a full reading, when you need an update.









The Details:

  • All prices in USD fees include session and prep time
  • All sessions are in person via Zoom or Skype or WhatsApp
  • The audio file of the reading is sent to you via WeTransfer or Dropbox
  • Gift Certificates available

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“I decided to get a reading from Mathilde who came highly recommended to me.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect as I had never had an astrological reading before.  However, as I listened to her unfold the roadmap of my charts I found myself mesmerized by not only the precision of her reading but the accuracy of it as well.  Imbued with warmth and sincerity, Mathilde’s reading draws from in depth understanding and wisdom. I feel as if I have found my footing in a time of uncertainty and transition, and I am very grateful.  She is a real treasure!” ~ Sonia Chun, San Francisco