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Full Moon Blessings in Cancer Christmas day 2015

     Time to Nourish, Love and Nurture one another! This is the last full Moon of the year. It’s at 3 degrees of Cancer. Cancer is about our sense of belonging, family, home, our comfort zone and security. It accentuates preserving our family ties. Cancer is ruled by the Moon which represents our emotional attachments, our ability to be receptive and sensitive. It is important to be aware of […]

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Cancer New Moon 27th June 2014

There’s not a better time to focus on nourishing ourselves and others.                               Cancer rules feelings and symbolises the nurturer, the archetypal Mother and the waters that create new life. In astrology it is associated with our home (inner and outer) and our sense of belonging. Inner home refers to feelings of emotional security. Cancer is […]

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