Astrology by Mathilde

Deciphering the Stars


“Mathilda is a wise and well travelled soul who imparts well balanced Earthly wisdom in her astrology readings. There were so many scarily accurate things that she revealed about my past and what was happening in my life that it wasn’t until a good reflection that I realised how well she’d pinpointed what had happened and what was about to happen in my life! I really enjoyed my reading with Mathilda and can’t wait for the next one! I have and continue to recommend her to many friends, colleagues and family.” – Athena Maroulis, Denmark

“Mathilda’s enthusiasm and originality make her astrological readings exciting, insightful and inspiring.  Besides being fun, her readings have allowed me to envision more of my personal essence and connect that with my spiritual path.”
– Diana Celeste, Guatemala

“Mathilda’s straight-forward approach and whole perspective of astrology and psychology enlightened me and encouraged me tremendously on my path. I felt that I got some confirmation about what I intuitively knew about how my life was unfolding. Her work helped me step into it more than ever. Her work is empowering, enlivening and potent.”   –Tracey Moon, Annapolis, MD, USA

Mathilde is amazing! Her readings are spot-on, insightful, and über-conscious. She nails it. Her understanding of the complex relationships of cosmic energies as reflected in the charts absolutely blows my mind. And she is so personable and intuitively gifted at both reading the stars and relating to people, that her readings give one profound perspectives on life, purpose, influences, and potentialities, and she presents them in a way you can really understand.

She gives you an audio recording of your reading after it’s done, and since she gives you so very much information in each reading, there is no way you could really ‘get’ it all in one go; so I find myself returning to listen again and again to each one – sometimes days, sometimes weeks, and sometimes months (or even years!) after. And each time, I learn something more, get a better perspective, and grow. I can’t recommend her readings highly enough – in my rather wide circle of friends who all go to Mathilde for readings, we have an almost mantra-like exclamation: “Mathilde is ON it!” Love. Her. (*ˆᴗˆ*)
– Anna Vogel Baralli, Guatemala

“Mathilda gave me a very detailed, great reading. Every tip she has given me was right to the point, and I was nodding and agreeing “yes that’s how I am” for everything she said. She has given me great guidance for how to improve my life and the outlook on the future. It is amazing how much the birth chart could tell you. I learned a lot from this reading. It is definitely worth it.”   -Kazue Watanabe, USA

“I’m not someone who is an avid astrology follower, however I was gifted a session with Mathilde by my friend. It was such a great introduction to a completely new worldview. Mathilde was able to explain in a concise way what was happening in the sky as I was born, and helped me to understand what that means about my strengths and weaknesses. She was able to interpret these traits which gave me insight as to what career & creative paths might be fulfilling for me in the future. I have already listened to our session recording three times and plan on revisiting it over and over as I find it to be a huge wellspring of inspiration and strength.” – Gabrielle Porter, California USA

“I have had an astrological reading with Mathilda and would like to share some of my experience. First of all she was punctual, professional and quite easy to connect with. This reading was a gift for me from my sister and I really did not know what to expect. I was rendered completely speechless at times by her spot-on interpretation of my birth chart. She seemed to have a key to all the little mysteries in my life as well as bringing up some aspects I did not even know were there. Mathilda did a wonderful job of explaining her role of reading my patterns and how astrology works for her. She took her time to make sure I understood each and every different piece to the puzzle that is me and gave concrete examples to enhance her information. The section that was predictions was also amazing. It is clear that Mathilda has a gift and I intend to check back with her periodically to hear what other exciting things she can interpret for me. If you get a chance to have one of her readings, jump at it! You will not regret a single minute!”
Dell Villemaire, South Carolina USA

“I was shooting and traveling in Guatemala the first time I met Mathilda. While living in New York I had already heard many wonderful stories about her and her readings. So when I actually got a chance to do a reading with her in personI felt super lucky and blessed. It was so special and spot on that I left feeling empowered and inspired. Mathilda possesses a special kind of sensibility that makes the readings very rich and personal.I’ve had several readings now through Skype from different places all over the world. And every time I end up feeling confident, patient and in peace with times of chaos or excitement. It makes me understand certain events in my life better and guides me on personal and work level.”
Soleil Hulscher (Dutch Model living in New York)

“Mathilda is amazing. I got a reading on the upcoming year and was surprised at the detail. I have had numerous readings over the years, but this was quite different. Because she looks back a bit to observe trends, it was clear that she understood what I have been through better than I did! In talking about upcoming changes, she identified ways to make it easier on myself, and how to recognize feelings and experiences that will show up. Mathilda is very practical, and uses her life experiences to offer perspective in comforting ways. Thank you!”
Jane W., New Hampshire, USA